Make your 2017 CRF450 go fluoro!

Italian plastics giant UFO PLAST has launched a new and exclusive fluorescent yellow kit for the latest 2017 Honda CRF450. The kit consists of front and rear fender, front and side number plates, fork slider protectors, filter box panels and double injection radiator scoops. For more information, please contact: UFO PLAST, Via Marco Polo

Pro Circuit cams for new KXF250

Pro Circuit have earned a reputation as a premier engine builder by offering our customers only the finest performance parts available. Their newest addition is a camshaft for the all-new 2017 Kawasaki KXF250. Pro Circuit products are designed for maximum performance and the new 2017 KX250F camshaft provides optimal power and

Pro Circuit go-faster bits for new YZF250

Top US tuning house Pro Circuit already has go-faster bits for the 2017 Yamaha YZF250, starting with this performance valve springs and valve spring kit. All Pro Circuit performance engine products are designed for maximum performance and these new valve springs for the 2017 YZF250 allow the engine to run at high

New Renthal R3 chain

By Renthal. New Renthal R3 chains are specially developed utilising Renthal’s SRS technology to increase the service life. The special SRS seal is pre-loaded during assembly, creating a spring effect. As a chain wears, conventional O-rings and X-rings loosen their seal whereas the SRS has the inherent ability to regulate a

Torc1 Racing Attack Oversize bars

Innovative Californian hardparts brand Torc1 Racing have had another new product to their range in the Attack Oversized Handlebars.  Available in 4 different popular bends, with a black anodized finish, and with a High density Foam Bar pad included, these handlebars are built for style, comfort and strength. Full Specs: < Made

New Bel-Ray brake fluid

Bel-Ray has launched its all-new Racing Brake Fluid. Formulated for use in high performance braking systems in a wide range of motorcycles on and off-road as well as on the track, Bel-Ray’s Racing Brake Fluid features a dry boiling point of 580° F (304° C). This makes it ideal for applications where extreme

Revamped Pro Circuit KXF pipes

Pro Circuit has revealed new T-6 and Ti-6 exhaust systems for the 2017 KX250F and KX450F which now include improved muffler packing designed to be more heat resistant, keeping the exhaust at optimal performance for as long as possible. The Ti-6 Pro Titanium Exhaust System is designed to provide improved performance plus meet

F1 tech for Pro Circuit KXF valves

Pro Circuit makes the planet’s fastest KXF250s, and is already making tuning bits for the all-new 2017 KXF250. Their Titanium Exhaust Valves and Titanium Intake Valves are two new products that will help extend the life the engine while boosting performance. The Pro Circuit titanium valves are designed using our extensive racing experience and manufactured to exact specifications