The story of Thursday night motocross!

For a staggering 50 years, one American track has hosted the fabled Thursday night motocross. From riders like Chuck Sun in the 1970s to Mike Alessi, Weston Peick and the current crop of AMA stars, lots of top riders have raced there. This is the story of how a flooded

Justin Hill’s the axe man!

He may be leading the AMA West Coast Supercross championship, but Pro Circuit Kawasaki's Justin Hill still has time to bust out a tune on his guitar for some easy-on-the-eye pals in Seattle. We're no music experts, but he seems to have more talent on his motocross bike!

Hidden Britain: Motocross at Cheddar!

Getting drunk on homemade cider, gliding over the Gorge in a plane and Motocross racing. Inspired by Amazon’s The Grand Tour, the online blog The Lad Bible had a little go at motocross at a muddy Cheddar. Check it out. WARNING: Bad language!   DOCUMENTARY: Hidden Britain (Ep 3 of 3) from Simon

The Fastest Man Alive!

Writer, director and filmmaker Luke Apteker has already won several awards for his films when he worked for Red Bull Media House. Check out his new short film with quadruple South African MX champion Caleb Tennant and a hot girl pouring milk on herself in The Fastest Man Alive!   The Fastest Man Alive from luke apteker