Barcia escapes serious injury

Justin Barcia was knocked unconscious in this crash during qualifying for the weekend's AMA National at Washougal, but has confirmed he does not have any serious injuries. He was taken to hospital for checks but released later. Good news!  

Roczen gets ready to Ride Again for 2018

After Ken Roczen appeared at the start of the supercross season in the all new Shift Blue Label, he was severely injured during the Supercross in Anaheim. After more than 10 operations on his arm, it's the question of whether he will ever ride again. Therefore, Shift came with the

Simpson the YouTuber!

Sitting from the couch for the second time this season, Shaun Simpson has launched his new Vlog on his own YouTube channel. It's a series where he will try to show you what it takes for a professional motocross rider to get over injury and get back on the bike