Calvin cleans up in Sardinia

A hot and challenging day in the sand dunes of Riola Sardo concluded the eighth round of the FIM Motocross World Championship and the second edition of the MXGP of Sardegna. For Gebben Van Venrooy Yamaha Racing’s Calvin Vlaanderen it was an unforgettable weekend as he topped the charts in every session over the weekend, won the qualifying

Kimi Raikkonen’s Kawasaki MXGP bike swap

Kimi Raikkonen's Ice One crew has been busy since the Finn quit the Formula One world championship. They are now the official factory Kawasaki MXGP team, with riders Ben Watson and world No.2 Romain Febvre who is still injured. We catch up with team boss Antti Pyronhen and Briton Ben

The one-legged extreme enduro racer

When Marcel Michitsch lost his leg in a street bike accident, he wasn't going to let it get in the way of him riding extreme enduros. We meet the inspirational German looking to sharpen his skills from the very best extreme star, Graham Jarvis, at an intensive adventure riding break

MXGP qualifying and EMX race highlights

Check out the race action from Matterley Basin today as the British GP bursts into life!

Race fuel: The truth! Pump fuel vs Gulf Racing 102

Is it worth spending the extra money for race fuel, even if you have a stock bike? Or is super-unleaded pump fuel good enough? We take a brand new stock 2022 Husqvarna FC450 four-stroke and a mildly tuned TC250 two-stroke and try fresh pump fuel versus Gulf Racing 102 back-to-back

Factory KTM official launch video

The factory KTM team is ready to race at Matterley! Well, Tom Vialle is after Jeffrey Herlings got injured. Reigning world champions, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, will open their MXGP Grand Prix campaign this weekend in the UK and with Tom Vialle expected to push for MX2 title honours in

Hawkstone Park Raw EMX 125 edit

No music, no slow-motion, no commentary. Just incredible raw action from a full field of 125 two-strokes on one of the world's toughest and historic race circuits - Hawkstone Park - during the traditional season-opening International. Top British youth riders like Joe Brookes, Ashton Boughen, Ben Mustoe, Wal Beaney, Ollie

Highlights of Lacapelle International

Check out this short highlights video of the action from yesterday's French International at LaCapelle Marival where Maxime Renaux won all three motos while Ben Watson took second in the Superfinal.