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Mega Paris Supercross gallery!

Marvin Musquin continued his winning streak in both main events on Saturday and Sunday, Cole Seely and Dean Wilson ended up on the podium after defeating the KTM man in the sprint finals and Zach Osborne showed his speed on a 450. Check out the gallery of pics from Ray Archer and Pascal Haudiquert from the Paris Supercross at the new U Arena!39980_Wilson_Paris_SX_2017_RA_0843 39981_Wilson_Paris_SX_2017_RA_1833 39986_Osborne_Paris_SX_2017_RA_2950 39993_Osborne_Paris_SX_2017_RX_1776 39999_Wilson_Paris_SX_2017_RA_3264 40002_Wilson_Paris_SX_2017_RA_3819 40005_Wilson_Paris_SX_2017_RX_1717 40007_Wilson_Paris_SX_2017_RX_2057 40009_Wilson_Paris_SX_2017_RX_2584 212889_Musquin_Paris_SX_2017_RA_2173 212901_Musquin_Wilson_Paris_SX_2017_RA_0743 212910_Musquin_Paris_SX_2017_RA_4675 212922_Musquin_Paris_SX_2017_RA_5185 212926_Musquin_Paris_SX_2017_RX_2050 212927_Musquin_Paris_SX_2017_RX_2113 212928_Musquin_Paris_SX_2017_RX_2469 212934_Musquin_Paris_SX_2017_RX_2634 cp-bowers_3482 cp-fmx_3541 cp-mm_3622 cp-prince_3497 cp-seely_3167

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