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Stars pay tribute as Nicholls announces he’s quit

Stars like former world champ Romain Febvre and British champ Tommy Searle have praised Jake Nicholls who announced on social media that’s he’s exiting full-time pro racing following another injury this week. He said:

“Well, this was one too many for me… Since the end of 2018 mx has kicked the absolute shit out of me, last week was no different, suffering a big crash mid week where I was inculpable but came off with a concussion and a broken shoulder.

“This means the end of the road for me and top level racing, for no other reason other than I’m fed up of it beating the shit out of me like it has. I will still play at it – ride and race because I love the sport, I’m grateful I can still do it and it is such a big part of my life from friends to my only way of switching off, and I’m still half decent at it! Focus though now is on family/friends and evolving our business!

Thank you to my team @hondaracingmx for understanding/helping me make this decision, Dave you are a true friend. Thank you to all my sponsors and supporters, I will still be out there every now and again so you won’t be able to completely forget about me ;-).

Not a sob story, I’m gracious in defeat, fortunate to be where I am and still smiling (Although fairly f**d off inside).

Febvre posted: “What counts is that is your own decision! For sure it’s not easy to make that decision because you still love riding, but when you have enough of the others parts (to be in shape, practicing, injury and pressure and many others…) then it’s time! Congrats on your career and effort, you are still the best team mate I ever had! Hopefully you will still enjoy a lot riding and hopefully we can still ride and see each other some days! All the best on the new chapter!”

Searle commented: “Fair play mate! Huge respect for the effort you have always put in to it and the results you got at the very top level. Heal up, see you soon.” 

Dean Wilson said: “Such a tough call mate but you had a mint career and was so good being team mates Colorado MXON . See u again.”

Steven Clarke said: “First Ando retires and now you 😫 Uk mx is running very low on chicken wingers, sad to hear this!! Heal up fast dude.” 

Lewis Tombs said: “What a career mate. When you’re healed up, let’s do that track day we’re always talking about.”

His Crendon Honda team boss, triple world champ Dave Thorpe, said: “Injuries are never easy to deal with short term as we both know! But the facts are throughout your career even from a young age you have had to deal with injuries more than most!

“The highs and lows of Mx are well documented, you have raced at the very highest level that many people can only dream of. In our eyes you were our British Champion in 2018.

“As you quite rightly say you have been lucky compared to others let’s not push that boundary any further!”

And road race superstar Alex Lowes said: “Get well soon mate.”

Nicholls’ last race as a full time pro was at the Lyng British championship round where he took third overall, his first time on the podium since 2018.

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