The Hit List, what’s changed in 2019.

This feature in the Motohead app was posted two years ago, take a look and see if things have changed that much or maybe they haven't. 1 We can watch Supercross LIVE! It’s the world’s highest-profile dirt bike series but we’ve always had to wait for pirated videos to be loaded onto

Puzar out of Vets Nations

Former world champion Alex Puzar is out of next weekend's Vets Nations at Farleigh Castle after breaking his hand in a crash. It's a huge blow for the man who was aiming to ride this weekend's Vets world championship in Assen on a modern bike then the Vets Nations on a

Puzar and Henry join Vets Nations

Former world 250 champ Alex Puzar and American supercross hero Doug Henry have been signed up for the Vets Nations at Farleigh Castle on September 14-15. Dakar winner Sam Sunderland has also announced he’ll be mounted on an old bike for the event, the world’s biggest and best nostalgia motocross festival. Other

Puzar to race Vets Nations 2017!

Former world 250 champion Alex Puzar has agreed to make his Vets Motocross des Nations debut at Farleigh Castle on September 16-17 next year. He was signed up by organiser Dave King at the Transborago vets race in Italy at the weekend. It's the first time he's been tempted to