Barcia joins World Superbike men at Cusses Gorse

Alex Lowes and Michael Van Der Mark of the Pata Yamaha Superbike team go on a motocross ride day and are joined by a host of top MXers like Justin Barcia, Doug Dubach, Jake Shipton, Brian Jorgensen and many more.

Bell rings up world two-stroke title

Zach Bell beat off a challenge from Darryn Durham to clinch the self-proclaimed world two-stroke championship at Glene Helen in California at the weekend after the challenge from former AMA champ Mike Brown ended with a puncture. The event attracted lots of former AMA Supercross and motocross stars like Doug

Jorgensen takes on the Italian Vets!

Former GP ace Brian Jorgensen takes on lots of top riders of yesteryear such as Robbie Reynard, John Dowd, Doug Dubach. Mickey Dymond and lots more in Italy. Check out his video diary of the Transborago event.

Wheeler takes world title!

Former GP ace Brian Wheeler clinched the over-45 world championship with double moto wins in the World Vet championship at Glen Helen in California on Sunday. But it wasn't such a successful day for former British champ Kurt Nicoll, who took runner-up place behind Doug Dubach in the over-50 class. Yamaha man