Leatt reveals top-value 7.5 lid

World-renowned riding gear corporation, Leatt is launching their hotly anticipated 7.5 Helmet from their NEW 2021 Range. Leatt's devotion to rider protection, extensive testing and development make their products some of the most trusted and popular worldwide. FeaturesThe 7.5 Helmet is constructed from a robust Injected Polymer Compound shell, offering exceptional

Leatt’s more affordable boots

Leatt has launched the 4.5 Moto Boot, at a budget-friendly £255. The official information says: There are over 24 bones that give structure and mobility to the foot and ankle. Off-Road riders put a lot of punishment through their feet.  From absorbing landings on big jumps, to catching your foot in

Leatt backs Moto Concepts Honda

Leatt has announced the extension of their successful partnership with Smartop | Bullfrog Spas | Moto Concepts | Honda, sealing a multi-year deal with the team. McElrath on the gas MCR will support new members Shane McElrath #12, Broc Tickle #20 and Benny Bloss #37 with the continuation of Vince Friese #40,

New helmets star in Leatt 2021 range

https://youtu.be/R6x6_Cb71PY Leatt is launching their all-new 2021 range of Helmets and Gear, including high-performance all-weather jackets, jerseys, pants and gloves. Leatt's dedication to rider safety and scientific approach to riding gear is distinct in their advanced new 2021 range of Moto Helmets, including the 9.5 Carbon and 8.5 Composite. The helmets feature

Leatt puts the boot in

https://youtu.be/CqIwX4HqGoM Leatt has been widening its range for a number of years and it seems the company isn't slowing down anytime soon as it aims to offer the ultimate in protection. Starting with neck braces but now offering all the kit including helmets, Leatt has now moved into boots and I've

Leatt puts the boot in!

When it comes to choosing riding kit, a quality pair of boots is one thing you should invest in. As key points of contact to your bike, it’s essential that your feet, as well as your ankles and shins, stay comfortable and protected. When riding your bike hard, the superior

Leatt Statement: Brad Anderson crash

Helmet Impact Dynamics: “Following the crash involving Brad Anderson at the Hawkstone International Motocross event last Sunday, Leatt Corporation would like to make the following statement; Firstly and most importantly we would like to wish Brad a speedy recovery, he was released from Hospital late on Sunday night having received brain

Leatt reveals its 2018 pro riders

The inventors of the Leatt Brace now do so much more than just the neck brace, with clothing, helmets and lots more. The South African firm has announced its official 2018 Athletes which include Marvin Musquin and Brits Adam Sterry, Shaun Simpson, Jonny Walker and Brad Freeman. The full list

Walker signs for Leatt

Briton Jonny Walker is to be the first Extreme Enduro athlete to officially race in full Leatt apparel and helmet for 2017 season. The factory KTM ace is one of the world’s best performing Extreme Enduro racers, has earned notable winning results at events like Erzberg, Red Bull Romaniacs, Hell’s Gate,