How one man built a Mugen ME380

It's a bike that never actually existed back in the day - a 1980 twin-shock Mugen Honda ME480. Back in those days, the final throw of air-cooled, twin-shock bikes, Honda made a production CR125 and CR250 but no open-classer. To get a big-bore bike, you had to pay a huge


Forget the styling but an e-bike could be what we all ride one day Try to forget the stupid styling, if you can. Just focus on the technology rather than the stripped-down dinosaur of Mugen's new E-Rex concept bike. Like a T-Rex but, for petrolheads and motoheads everywhere, just as frightening. It's

Honda thumbs-up for Mugen’s Electric Monster!

Honda's sibling company Mugen unveiled this monstrous-looking electric bike at the Tokyo bike show this week and a version of it is being investigated as a future production bike, but without the odd styling, we can exclusively reveal. It's called the E-Rex - after the famous T-Rex dinosaur. Hence the very