The GOAT rejoins Kawasaki!

Watch as Ricky Carmichael gets off the couch to go shred his new bike at the Goat Farm. Throwback footage from '89 shows RC is very familiar with the green machine. RC's first time on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX450 is one to remember! He said: "I’m excited to share this

The GOAT leaves Suzuki

Ricky Carmichael

Ricky Carmichael has split with Suzuki after 15 years. After retiring from racing, the GOAT stayed with Suzuki to help promote their bikes around the world. With Suzuki pulling out of many race series, including the world championship, and reigning in development on their bikes, it's not good news for

Ryan Dungey back riding Supercross

He is honest 😁 having a bit of fun riding around a track he raced at when 9 years old. Funny to read a comment from Ricky Carmichael, "You still got it man!!!! Come back!!"

Ricky Carmichael and Jeff Emig team up for new podcast show

Ricky Carmichael and Jeff Emig launch the first episode of Real Talk 447. They cover a few topics from the first 6 rounds of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Championship, talk smack to each other and tell some stories from their racing careers. The Show is brought to you by

All change for Supercross broadcast team

The Monster Energy Supercross broadcast team will see a few changes in 2019. No Jeff Emig which to be honest is a real shame, the NBC Sports' Monster Energy Supercross Broadcast Team in 2019 is Ralph Sheheen, Ricky Carmichael, Daniel Blair and Will Christien. The season kicks off tomorrow at Anaheim in

Ricky Carmichael explains how he beat James Stewart

Ricky Carmichael

Some of the best races ever to grace motocross and supercross circuits have been between two of the legends of our sport, Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart. Both riders never gave an inch on or off the track. Ricky explains to interviewer Sam Jones how he beat James on the track.

Roczen, Reed, RV and the GOAT talk Dungey!

Ken Roczen and GOAT Ricky Carmichael talk about Ryan Dungey in these cool interviews from FOX. Roczen, who talks about how different he is to Dungey, talks frankly about the retired champion.  

Ronnie Mac attacks RC, two-strokes, whips and more!

The Aus-X supercross wasn't just about the serious 450 racing, but lots more. Check out the two-stroke head to head between Ronnie Mac and Ricky Carmichael, the best whip content and vest FMX trick too!