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Ride Dorno with Fox

Want to ride the legendary Dorno track in Italy with Fox Racing alongside pro riders Kay De Wolf, Ruben
Fernandez, Lotte Van Drunen, Cedric Soubeyras and more? Well, you have to be quick as the FOX HIT THE TRACK event at the well-known sandy circuit is on October 15-16.

The event is all about having fun and riding those dirt tracks like never before, thanks to cool and free activities brought to you by the Fox team.

  • You will have the chance get precious riding tips from the legend Marcus Schiffer
  • But also, meet and ride with a crew of our Fox pro riders (Kay De Wolf, Ruben
    Fernandez, Lotte Van Drunen, Cedric Soubeyras and more…)
  • Receive cool free pics of your ride of the day
  • Last but not least, have the possibility to test new Fox boots
  • On Saturday night, you can share tasty food and drinks with all the participants, at the Fox truck.
    To get involved in this event, you do not need to book anything. During both days, you will
    only need to come to the track, and you will have a total access to the Fox area and the
    different activities. Only Saturday night needs to be booked, as spots are limited. Free
    passes will be distributed to the first riders on the track on Saturday morning, and the
    registration will take place at the Fox Truck.
    After the events, you will be able to get your pictures from the Fox team who will collect the
    emails on the track to send you the files on your mailbox.
    Motocross Dorno remains completely in charge of the access to the track, the riding
    and the rental of the bikes.

Track details are at:

Dorno in all its glory!