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Sherco unveils 2022 enduro ranges

Sherco has revealed its 2022 enduro machines with retro blue graphics across both its ranges – the higher-end Factory series and the cheaper, more clubman-friendly Racing series.

The Racing range is 250 and 300 SE two-strokes and 300 SEF four-stroke. The Factory range has SE 125, 250 and 300 smokers plus four-stroke SEF 250, 300, 450 and 500. CLICK THE IMAGES TO SEE THEM FULL SIZE

2022 Factory Enduro model highlights:

  • New 2022 graphics
  • New grey Selle Dalla Valle seat
  • KYB closed cartridge suspensions units
  • NEW Akrapovic titanium 4T exhaust system
  • AXP skid plate
  • Galfer front brake disc
  • New less cumbersome Neken handlebar pad
  • Expansion tank and radiator fan
  • New Brembo brake pads

2022 Racing Enduro model highlights:

  • New 2022 graphics kit 
  • Black comfort seat – less abrasive than the Factory model.
  • Black frame guards
  • New handlebar grips
  • New Kayaba open cartridge fork
  • New Kayaba shock absorber
  • Black Excel rims
  • Michelin medium enduro tyres
  • FMF header pipe as standard (SE 250/300)
  • New Brembo brake pads

Thelarger four-stroke models have a new crankshaft and larger bearings (from 62mm to 72mm), the water jacket in the cylinder head is larger to improve cooling, there’s a larger bearing on the gearbox output shaft to boost reliability.

The two-stroke models have a new SBS electronic exhaust valve which is programmable and works with engine speed.

All bikes of 250cc and more have a selectable handlebar-mounted switch to adjust from full power to a softer delivery. 

The Racing models have the KYB open cartridge fork which has a softer settings while the Factory range gets the higher spec-closed cartridge KYB units which have a more race-oriented setting. The KYB shock is the same high-end unit on both models.

The Factory 4T bikes all get a titanium Akrapovic full exhaust system which also means a change in the engine mapping to suit. Braking is by Brembo but the front brakes on the Factory models have a Galfer disc.

The 250 and 300 2T models get a new gear selector and all Factory editions come with a skid plate. There’s also a smaller handlebar pad on the Neken bars.