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Alpinestars ups its protection game

The Alpinestars 2021 Motocross Protection Collection has been designed with the utmost attention to materials technology, maximum airflow and ultimate protection and performance. 

Engineered to protect riders, the new 2021 line expands the range with the addition of two important products: the SM5 helmet and the Tech 10 Supervented boot, bringing leading ventilation technology to both the helmet and the boot. The Tech 10 Supervented is pioneering the way for improving performance and rider comfort by dissipating heat significantly in the boot through increased airflow across the entire bottom of the foot.   


The all-new SM5 helmet is the result of more than five years of intensive study, development and testing. The Alpinestars’ helmet development team scrutinized every possible aspect to engineer a helmet that is safe and thoughtfully designed to deliver optimal protection and comfort.


In addition to the new SM5 helmet, the MX range offers another innovation, the new Tech 10 Supervented boot.  The benchmark in Motocross footwear, Alpinestars’ Tech 10 boot is extending the line with the new Supervented version offering a unique patented construction that streams cool air into the boot throughout the bottom of the foot; further advancing the innovations that make it the most technical motocross boot in history.  Laboratory tests have shown that the Tech 10 Supervented boot dissipates heat 34% faster than a non-vented boot. This technology uses 3D open channels from front to back, in combination with a ventilated ankle brace to promote maximum airflow. 


The SM5 helmet and Tech 10 Supervented boots are bolstered by the new range of lightweight and breathable protectors and youth products, allowing riders of all ages to enjoy the best protection while they’re on the dirt. The SX-1 v2 Knee and Elbow Protectors, Bionic Flex Elbow and Knee Protectors, Bionic Action and Bionic Action Youth Knee Protectors and the Bionic Action Chest Protector have been designed to be ergonomic and comfortable, while delivering optimum comfort, freedom of movement and ventilation, and most importantly the protection that all riders need.

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