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Barr talks of shock Nations snub

After 15 years on the Irish MX of Nations team, Martin Barr has been dropped for 2021. He’s opened up about the shock news with the following statement:

“I’ve thought long and hard today about how I wanted to approach this.. As expected I’m extremely disappointed and feel I’ve been unfairly excluded from this years Motocross of Nations Team Ireland.

“What I find difficult to understand is how last week Philip McCullough had approached the committee with a team which 2 riders out of the 3 were accepted being myself and Stuart Edmonds, leaving MX2 the only position to be filled.Fast forward to this week… and I am no longer accepted?? What would be the reasons?? Why such a drastic change when a manager changes?? Why a certain committee member kept asking at a meeting will I be fit for it this year?? Why was I singled out so much??

“Perhaps if I had have been informed in a more appropriate manner I would have been able to ask Mark Farrelly and discussed their decision making tactics! With still no explanation or comments from the new manager who I had given my details to last week when I congratulated him on his new post as team manager, I have however since found a message from him on a social media account of mine informing me of the chosen riders. I think a phonecall would have been more appropriate and appreciated.

“Just to mention when the selection process took place for the last MXON in Assen 2019, the daggers were also out then and my place in the team was almost in jeopardy had it not been for the Northern Commission members standing firm and a loyal experienced manager who knew and still knows the riders abilities better than anyone in this country! I have noticed a lot of support from our motocross community, as the majority feels the same! Surely the best 3 riders should be picked by merit alone.. no other reasons should finalise a decision!

“Our team should be there to gain the best results possible, something I put my heart and soul into for 15 consecutive years, injuries or no injuries I put myself out there and made sure every time I’d do what I needed to do! I don’t think I have much else to say as numerous points have been made on social media already. I’ll hold my head high and feel proud for what I achieved over the 15 years, our job was to get the best results for the team, sponsors and fans at home.

“This may be the end of an era for me at MXON, sharing the experience with some talented and amazing riders especially banging bars with legends, but it’s certainly not the end of my racing career!I’d like to thank every Team Ireland manager I’ve had over the last 15 years for having faith in me, trusting I’d go out there and do the job and picking me for the right reasons, my ability! I’ve had a complete blast!…I’d like to finish by wishing the riders all the best for Mantova in 5 weeks time.”

There has been no further statement form the Irish team yet.