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British Masters Battlecross axed

This weekend’s Bridgestone British Masters Battlecross at Cusses Gorse has been cancelled duo to a rise in Covid-19 cases in the county. The official statement says:

It is with deep regret that we sadly announce the Bridgestone British Masters Battlecross is cancelled. Earlier this morning we were pulled into an emergency meeting with Public Health Wiltshire and local emergency services representatives. Wiltshire has seen a rapid increase in Coronavirus cases within the last few days putting strain on the local services and hospitals. Public Health Wiltshire were extremely concerned that this event would put the local hospitals under further strain if any injuries were sustained whilst also putting all in attendance at risk of obtaining Coronavirus. Therefore, as requested by Public Health Wiltshire and the local hospital and police, we have sadly had to cancel our Battlecross event.

We understand you may all be very disappointed by this decision, however we are extremely saddened also. This decision has been taken out of our hands however we have a duty of care to everyone attending our events and safety will always be our priority. Sadly there will be no Bridgestone British Masters event in 2020. We will kick start the series again in 2021, when hopefully things will return back to normality.

All registered riders, we will automatically move your Battlecross entry payment over to the first round of the 2021 series. If you would like us not to do this, you must inform us via text message immediately. All ‘Wildcard’ and Pro MX1 and Pro MX2 riders, please text us your full name, race group and bank details and we will arrange a full refund of your entry.

Please bare with us whilst we action the payment rollovers and refunds. Our office will be extremely busy so please only call the office if it is absolutely essential you do so. Registration will open for the remaining 2021 spaces in the near future so look out for details on our social media pages. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. We hope to see you all at the 2021 series, but until then stay safe.