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BUD builds the ultimate two-stroke KX!

French tuner and GP team BUD has celebrated its 25th birthday by taking a 2003 KX125 and turning it into the ultimate Kawasaki KX two-stroke with a 150cc kit. Check out the awesome spec of this green meanie!


Stroker crankshaft +2mm by Bud racing

Big bore and tuned cylinder

Bud Racing 2 pieces cylinder head

Bud Racing 150cc piston

Smartcarb 36mm Carburator

VForce 3 Reed block


GMX Radiators

Bud Racing radiator hoses


Bud HGS Exhaust pipe

Bud Racing carbon silencer


Bud Racing clutch basket

Reinforced clutch springs

OEM Kawasaki clutch

OEM Kawasaki gearbox “polished”


Cerakote coating on engine cases

CRM carbon ignition cover

Bud Racing clutch cover

DT1 air filter and cage

Aluminum Bud Racing power valve cover


Ohlins KXF fork with Bud internal mods

Ohlins KXF shorten shock with Bud mods

Bud Racing KXF triple clamp

Dual position holeshot device


CRM Carbon tank

CRM Carbon fiver / Airbox subframe

Bud Racing wheels

Michelin tires

Bud Racing titanium footpegs

Epoxy black paint frame


Front: NG 270mm oversize rotor with Braking bracket

Rear: NG rotor

CL Brakes brake pads

Bud Racing aircraft brake hoses

Cerakote coating on master-cylinder and caliper

Bud Racing master cylinder cap


Neken handlebar

Bud Racing grips

Bud Racing clutch perch assembly

Bud Racing gear shifter


13 teeth front sprocket

51 teeth Bud Racing rear sprocket

DID chain


BUD “25th Anniversary” graphics by Eight Racing

Bud Racing Full Traction seat cover

RTech 250 KXF plastic kit with conversion kit KX/KXF

Light Speed carbon protection: frame protection, engine slider, chain guide, fork protections

Titanium bolts

Anodized plastic kit alloy bolts