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Butts Quarry readies for court battle to survive

The legendary Butts Quarry is preparing for a judicial review in March to appeal a North East Derbyshire District Council to serve them an abatement notice last December.

Jennifer Dring, co-owner of the Butts Quarry track, estimates the total cost of the case for both sides could reach £45,000, and said all the money made at the track for nearly 12 months has been spent on legal fees to fight the case.

There has been massive support for Butts Quarry from those who live nearby, with nearly 13,000 people signing a petition urging the council to allow motorsports to continue at the venue. The track was served with an abatement notice just before Christmas last year, which would only permit them to open once a month, and would force bikes to pass a static noise test of 96dB.

The circuit, which has been open for 60 years, opens just once every two weeks for five hours, and have strictly enforced quieter bikes.

A North East Derbyshire District Council spokesperson said: “The Council has served an abatement notice with regard to nuisance caused by activity at Butts Quarry. This is subject to an appeal by the operator which will be considered by the Court in due course.”

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