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Cairoli rules Ottobiano

Nine times world champ Tony Cairoli was undefeated again in the second round of the Italian championshiop at Ottobianio, winning the MX1 race then the combined MX1 and MX2 superfinal after battling with Tim Gajser and Romain Febvre. 

n the superfinal, Cairoli took the holeshot, from MX2 Huksy man Mikkel Haarup. Cairoli soon held the lead from Gajser, Haarop, Febvre and Jorge Prado, who had won the opening MX2 race.

Gajser stayed with Cairoli as they pulled away away, from Haarup, as Febvre clashed with Prado and went off the side of the track crashing in the oft sand.

Cairoli made a small mistake and Gajser almost got by as they were chased by Haarup who was soon passed by Prado, then Calvin Vlaanderen, Michel Renaux, Michele Cervellin, Febvre, and Ben Watson.

Gajser eventually went by the nine-times champ, but Cairoli started to fight back, as lapped riders got in the way. Cairoli worked his way back into the lead then edged away as he took the wins from Gajser and Prado. Watson took a solid tenth place.

In the MX2 race, Prado took the holeshot from Vlaanderen, Renaux, then came Watson and Cervellin.

Prado once again pulled a big lead on Vlaanderen, as Briton Watson also began to catch the second and third man.

Renaux got past Vlaanderen for second and Watson began putting pressure on the Honda man rider. Watson went past Vlaanderen, with Cervellin lining up the South African too.

Then Watson made a mistake and dropped back to fourth, allowing Vlaanderen into third place.

In the MX1 race Cairoli passed early leaders Gajser and Febvre who had taken the holeshot and looked strong at the front.

Febvre and Gajser led, with Brian Bogers on their tail with Cairoli fourth on the opening laps.

Cairoli lost ground as Gajser stalked Febvre. But Cairoli got a second wind and caught the men towards the end of the race. First he took Gasjer then bounced past Febvre on the penultimate lap to take victory and remain undefeated.

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