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Canada Heights goes into reverse

The legendary Canada Heights circuit is being revamped for 2020 including a decision to reverse the direction of the track. The first turn will now be a left hander, instead of a right which is the direction the circuit has been run for several years. The track has been used in both directions over the decades.

There have also been some revamps to the rest of the Kentish circuit, which unfortunately is not on the British championship calendar this year but will host several top-level races.

The changes were announced by Sidcup club’s Aaron Moore who said:

“Over the last few weeks a team of us. Met at Canada heights to discuss new idea… so here it is… we HOPE you like it! This coming month we would like you to get involved & help in getting our track ready for the Practice day on the 29th March!

“So come along to a working party and lets make it happen together & get our Canada heights ready. Working parties will be at Canada Heights on the every weekend ( THIS WEEKEND) from now.

“All working parties will start around 10:30am and usually carry on to 5pm ish. We don’t clock in or out, so part of a day is better than nothing at all. The Club will supply all workers with free hot and cold drinks plus food for lunch.”