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Your complete guide to Hawkstone

It’s the start to the season in the UK and one of the biggest races of the year – the Hawkstone Park international which takes place on Sunday on the legendary Shropshire track. And this year, the excitement will be higher than normal as the man on form, Briton Max Anstie, takes on his arch rival and sand specialist Jeffrey Herlings. Herlings has never raced a 450 at Hawkstone and will be keen to make up for his 2018 debut in Italy last week where he was taken down in the first corner and his day ended there. He’s not completed a lap of racing this year, and was battered after his crash.

Herlings only got through practice last week
Herlings only got through practice last week

But the man most will be hoping to take the win will be Husky ace Anstie. In his last race on UK soil at the Nations in October, he won both motos in convincing style. And his 2018 season started off with two runner-up places behind MXGP champ Tony Cairoli in the deep sand of Sardinia on Sunday. It’s Cairoli’s winter test track, in his home country, so Anstie’s performance of two runner-up places shows he’s right on the pace. Last year Anstie crashed while leading the Hawkstone race, and still finished on the podium. It was his debut 450 season so with a year on the big bikes under his belt, he’s hoping to be even stronger this weekend.

Anstie was on fire in Italy last week!
Anstie was on fire in Italy last week!

But both men will find it tough as the field is crammed with talent, such as former British champion Tommy Searle and current British champion Graeme Irwin, making his race debut for KTM. Other top GP men racing include Gautier Paulin, Glenn Coldenhoff, Evgeny Bobryshev, Jordi Tixier, Arminas Jasikonis and EnduroGP ace Nathan Watson. Plus top British contenders such as Brad Anderson and Jake Nicholls. And once again Barry Turnbull will be out on his 30-year-old Honda CR500 two-stroke!

Glenn Coldenhoffis a master in the sand
Glenn Coldenhoffis a master in the sand

The MX2 class is headed by world champ Pauls Jonass, but will face tough opposition from British champ Ben Watson on his Yamaha, as well as Thomas Kjer-Olsen, Zach Pichon, Davy Pootjes, Conrad Mewsem Martin Barr, Mel Pocock and ex-British champ Adam Sterry. And as 250 two-strokes are allowed in MX2 racing, there will be a few smokers including Rob Holyoake.

At the end of the day following two motos each, the top MX2 men go head-to-head with the MX1 riders in the Superfinal. Plus there’s support action from the teenage talents in the MXY2 class.

The Hawkstone Park Circuit is just off the A49 near to the villages of Hopton, Wem, Prees, Shawbury and Whitchurch. The exit off the A49 can be found between B5065 and B5063, and is sign posted “Booley / Stanton. The popstcode is SY4 4NA. Tickets can be bought on the gate they are £30 for adults and children 5 – 15 £5, free parking and free entry to the riders paddock. The racing starts from 9am and will go on until around 4pm.


2.00 – 4.00pm                                    Technical Control


7.45 – 8.45am                                    Technical Control

9.00 – 9.15                                           MXY2 Qualifying

9.20 – 10.00                                        MX2 International Practice & Qualifying

10 minutes free, 20 minutes timed, 5 minutes start

10.05 – 10.40                                      MX1 International Practice & Qualifying

10 minutes free, 20 minutes timed, 5 minutes start

10.45                                                     MXY2 Race 1 15 minutes + 1 laps


12.00                                                     MX2 International Race 1 25 minutes + 1 lap

12.40                                                     MX1 International Race 1 25 minutes + 1 lap

1.15                                                        MXY2 Race 2 15 minutes + 1 lap

1.40                                                        MX2 International Race 2 25 minutes + 1 lap


2.25                                                        MX1 International Race 2 25 minutes + 1 lap


3.10                                                        MXY2 Race 3 15 minutes + 1 lap

3.50                                                        MX1/MX2 Superfinal 25 minutes + 2 laps

PRESENTATION SUPERFINAL Georges Jobe Trophy – Winner, Vaughan Semmens Memorial Trophy – Best British Rider & MXY2 2 stroke and 4 stroke.

The entries are:

No Name Machine cc Country
1 Graeme Irwin Hitachi ASA KTM UK 450 Ireland
4 Harry Bradley Hydrogarden/K-Tech/SM Pro/CGH/Off Road World Honda 450 England
6 Carlton Husband Phoenix Tools Apico Honda Racing 450 England
10 Barry Turnbull Apico/Putoline/Vapor Blasting/JR Racing Honda 500 England
13 Mike Gijsbertsen Holland
20 Yentel Martens Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing 450 Belgium
21 Gautier Paulin Rockstar Energy Iceone Husqvarna Factory Racing 450 France
27 Arminas Jasikonis Assomotor Honda 450 Lithuania
37 Gert Krestinov Phoenix Tools Apico Honda Racing 450 Estonia
44 Corie Southwood St Blazey MX/ ACS Carpentry Husqvarna 450 Wales
54 James Smith McDermotts Building & Civil Engineering KTM 350 England
60 Brad Anderson Verde Substance KTM 450 England
68 Shane Carless Langmead Construction/Marsh MX/FUS Husqvarna 450 Wales
70 Luke Davies Larkspur Racing/R Martin Freeweights & Speed/Freestyle Bikes Yamaha 450 Wales
84 Jeffrey Herlings Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 450 Holland
91 Charlie Putnam I Fly JK Yamaha 450 England
93 Jonathan Bengtssen Team Glasakuten KTM 450 Sweden
94 Sven van der Mierden Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing 450 Holland
95 Dan Thornhill Cab Screens Honda 450 England
99 Max Anstie Rockstar Energy Iceone Husqvarna Factory Racing 450 England
100 Tommy Searle Bike It DRT Kawasaki 450 England
107 Lars Van Berkel SKS Husqvarna 450 Holland
119 Ryan Houghton RHR Yamaha UK 450 England
134 Liam Knight Evotech/RFX/Talon/Leatt/Pope Racing KTM 350 England
136 Nick Enstrom JSR/Crownkiwi/A Stars/Ride 100%/Hinson/Dunlop/Bell Honda 450 New Zealand
148 Micky Eccles Husqvarna 450 England
 919 Nathan Watson  Factory Red Bull KTM Enduro  England
153 James Harrison Cab Screens Honda 450 England
166 Josh Taylor Dirt Wheelz UK Kawasaki 450 England
195 Rob Clitheroe RAD RSS Yamaha 450 England
199 Jake Edey KTM 350 England
227 Kristian Whatley RHR Yamaha UK 450 England
237 Benjamin Rice Baydale D3 Racing/Outdoor Power & Plant Ltd KTM 450 England
259 Glenn Coldenhoff Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 450 Holland
311 Aaron McCarroll RAD RSS Yamaha 450 Scotland
360 Nathan Dixon RFX Crescent Yamaha 450 Wales
731 Jake Shipton RFX Crescent Yamaha 450 England
777 Evgeny Bobryshev Lombard Express Suzuki 450 Russia
874 Chubbie Hammond Samson Roofing/M Smith Electrical KTM 350 England
911 Jordi Tixier BOS Project KTM 450 France
No Name Machine cc Town/Country
1 Pauls Jonass Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 250 Latvia
2 Daniel Preston JK Jointing Ltd Husqvarna 250 Wales
3 Josh Gilbert Honda Adventure Centre 250 England
4 Rob Yates IDS Bridgestone Yamaha 250 England
11 Mikkel Haarup Rockstar Energy Iceone Husqvarna Factory Racing 250 Denmark
14 Jed Beaton F & H Kawasaki 250 Australia
15 Henry Williams RFX Crescent Yamaha 250 Wales
19 Thomas Kjer Olsen Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing 250 Denmark
24 Kevin Horgmo Creymert Racing KTM 250 Norway
27 Chris Mills Theo Eggens Racing Honda 250 England
30 Chris Nuttall MHP Racing KTM 250 England
31 Robbie Dowson RHR Yamaha UK 250 England
32 Marcel Conijn Gebben/Van Venrooy Kawasaki 250 Holland
34 Micha Boy de Waal Jumbo – No Fear- Vamo Honda 250 Holland
38 Gavin Stevenson Manchester MC Husqvarna 250 England
40 James Wainwright Gear4/Pure Building Svs/Wainwright Haulage & Plant KTM 250 England
46 Davy Pootjes LRT KTM 250 Holland
50 Martin Barr Revo Husqvarna UK 250 Ireland
54 Corey Hockey Cheddar MX 250 England
56 Marshal Weltin Jumbo – No Fear- Vamo Honda 250 USA
60 Dylan Woodcock Revo Husqvarna UK 250 England
61 Tom Grimshaw HCR, Putoline, Apico Factory Racing Yamaha 250 England
65 James Mackrel G + G Ross / Hardcore Racing Yamaha 250 Ireland
70 Ruben Fernandez F & H Kawasaki 250 Spain
71 David Finnamore Russells/ G + G Ross Honda 250 Ireland
99 Howard Wainwright SR75 Suzuki GB Development Team 250 England
101 Zac Pichon Team KRJ KTM 250 France
119 Mel Pocock Revo Husqvarna UK 250 England
122 Jake Sheridan RSR Plant Services KTM 250 Ireland
172 Rob Holyoake Husqvarna 250 England
180 Josh Spinks SPS MX/Worx Financial Services/M-Smith KTM 250 England
193 Jago Geerts Kemea Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team 250 Belgium
199 Lars Griekspoor KTM 250 Holland
219 Lewis Hall Monster Army, Team Green Kawasaki 250 England
242 Jack Bintcliffe Husqvarna 250 England
300 Ben Franklin Chambers Racing Husqvarna 250 England
426 Conrad Mewse Hitachi ASA KTM UK 250 England
575 Taylor Hammal KTM 250 England
811 Adam Sterry F & H Kawasaki 250 England
919 Ben Watson Kemea Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team 250 England
No Name Machine cc Town/Country
2 Zach Cooper D Cooper Motor Repairs Ltd KTM 125 Gloucester
3 Luke Goodwin Dave Clarke Racing Husqvarna 125 Preston
4 Kieran Thomas Herts MX/94 MX/Putoline/Rathmell Sports Husky 125 Welwyn G City
10 Ben Kennedy Russells M/Cycles/G Force Suspension Yamaha 125 Saintfield
11 Max Ingham Hardcore Racing Yamaha 125 Isle of Man
22 Todd Leadbitter Trevor Pope M/Cycles/WFO/MX Dubai KTM 250 Maidenhead
26 Callum Crossland N-Gage/RFX/Moto Connection KTM 250 York
30 Mark Bracegirdle KTM 125 Crays Hill
44 Keelan Southwood JK Jointing Ltd Husqvarna 125 Tonypandy
47 Ben Evans KGBM Yamaha 250 Bickerton
48 Adam Collings Vega Solutions/HCR KTM 125 Brimpton
52 Harry Foster KTM 250 Burscough
57 Kyle McNicol Manchester MC Racing Husqvarna 125 Dumbarton
69 Alex Thornton SM Racing/BO Motor Oil TM 125 Preston
74 Tom Murphy MBO Husqvarna 125 Romford
90 Dominic Lancett KJS Racing Team KTM 125 Cross Keys
95 Davey Nieuwenhuizen KTM 125 Holland
98 Marshall Smith TM 125 Tarporley
100 Seth Moir Dyce Carriers Ltd Kawasaki 250 Kintore
101 Ben Clark RFX Crescent Yamaha 250 Braintree
118 Jaydon Murphy JK Ifly Yamaha 250 Newport
138 Kathryn Booth JK Ifly Yamaha / Vision MX 250 Spalding
148 Aaron Colley IDS Transport/Passion Racing Husqvarna 125 Gloucester
150 Aaron Patstone Team Park Lane/L & D Supplies KTM 250 Leamington Spa
159 Caiden Wilkinson Putoline/Hardcore/Dunlop/Decade Yamaha 125 Glapthorn
174 Lewis King London Island Coach Works Yamaha 250 Shanklin
181 Ryan Thompson Drysdale MC/Central Forestry Husqvarna 125 Perth
222 Jake Winnard Sadd MX/Hardcore Racing/Motul/Shocktech Yamaha 250 Rochdale
231 Rory Jones J4M54/Serchem/T Loveday/SRH Husqvarna 250 Telford
365 Sam Nunn Yamaha 125 Newmarket
433 Jack Lindsay Apico Racing Husqvarna 125 Kingswinford
448 Denny Rapson Team Dean Husqvarna 250 Barnsley
575 Declan Hunter RSS/7T/Box Doctor KTM 125 Charnock Richard
582 Cullen Scott Tiso Blackstar Abil KTM 125 Stoke Row
712 Josh Peters Cab Screens Honda 250 Boarley End
744 Ethan Etheridge Styler MX/AES Rescue Northampton Husqvarna 125 Northampton
771 Gregor Campbell KTM 125 Portincaple
805 Patrick Jackson APJ Commercials KTM 125 Malton
912 Joel Rizzi RFX Crescent Yamaha 125 Denbigh
941 James Hanscomb Apex Motocross KTM 125 Woolhope

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