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Farleigh Vets Nations reshuffle

The Farleigh Castle Vets MXdN race is on its traditional date of September 10-11 this year and has had a reshuffle of classes and the main VMXdN team races. Held two weeks after the new and very separate VMXdN at Foxhill which caters for Evo and newer bikes and is already sold out, the Farleigh event continues and entries open Feb 1. The classes are:

1. Twinshock Under 50 All Twinshock machines. Riders 30 – 49 years old
2. Twinshock Over 50 All Twinshock machines. Riders 50 – 75 years old
3. Up to 125cc for all machines up to and including 1996. Riders Over 30
4 Evo 250 for machines up to and including 1989. Riders Over 30
5. Evo Open 225-650cc for machines up to and including 1989. Riders Over 30
6. Evo over 50s class 50 – 75 years old as above (Machine capacity 125cc to 600cc)
7. Super Evo Class (Open CC) Machines 1990 – 1996 inclusive Riders Over 30
8. Vets MxdN Team Event. See schedule below

MX Vets des Nations – A Country must consist of a mixture of Evo and Twinshock Machines. This should be two Evo machines and two Twinshock machines. However, a team will be permitted to have three Evo or Twinshock plus one of the other, but points will be added / deducted at the start of the event as follows:

Teams with three Evo riders will incur an extra 20 points.
Teams with three Twinshock riders will have 20 points deducted.

A Country entry must consist of minimum 3 riders, maximum 4 riders. 2 riders must be over the age of 40 years and two riders over the age of 32 years on the day of the event. Maximum 15 Countries. Entry priority will be given to teams of recognised countries included in the Team name. The best 3 riders points will count per race. ENTRIES WILL OPEN ON LINE FEBRUARY 1st