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FIM workshop for British youth talent

The second stage of the Ride to FIM Awards – the future of Motorcycle was held at Matterley during the MXGP of Great Britain where top invited youth racers attended a workshop with some of the most high-profile people in GP racing. Hosted by MotoHead’s own Adam Duckworth, the speakers included Antonio Alia Portela, FIM Motocross Commission Director; David Luongo, CEO of Infront Moto Racing; Marionna Leiva, Infront Moto Racing Marketing Director; Nikki Malin Yamaha Moto Europe MXGP Media Manager; David Bulmer HRC Honda Racing MXGP Press Officer; Roger Harvey HRC MXGP Advisor and Shaun Simpson, former MXGP rider, now Manager of Team Gabriel SS24. GP ace Ben Watson joined the session for an interview and to field questions from the riders and parents, as did ACU general secretary MatthewWear.

This project was launched by the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) for the first time in 2022, with the aim of promoting the celebration of the World Champions, through a series of events aimed at addressing issues of fundamental importance for the development of motorsport as a journey towards the FIM Awards ceremony which this year will be held for the first time in the UK, in Liverpool on December the 2nd.

From left: MotoHead’s Adam Duckworth, FIM motocross chief Antonio Alia Portela, Infront’s Sponsorship chief Marionna Leiva and HRC adviser Roger Harvey © MXGP/Massimo Zanzani 

The theme was ‘Communication and the best approach towards the Media and one’s working environment.’

Antonio Alia Portela, FIM Motocross Commission Director opened the event: “On behalf of the FIM I want to welcome you to the ‘Ride to FIM Awards’ the event that will lead us to the Awards Ceremony of the World Champions. It may seem like a long journey to become Champions, but all of you will be able to reach this goal. I recommend that you get the best you can from this workshop, always trying to express your personality, in a professional and positive way, enhancing your commitment and passion for our sport.”

David Luongo, Infront Moto Racing CEO, wanted to greet those present: “Thank you for your participation in this workshop at one of the most spectacular tracks in the Championship. You guys are our future, we work for a championship where you can express your talents and you must work on your potential and professionalism. Today qualified professionals will give you advice on how to approach the media, a fundamental tool for your exposure and the popularity of our sport on a global level. I wish everyone a fruitful weekend!”

Ride to FIM Awards Stage Two – Matterley Basin, UK © MXGP/Massimo Zanzani 

Everyone, with their many years of experience, gave advice on how to approach the media and to manage social media correctly, a very important showcase for attracting sponsors, with the awareness of being ambassadors of their sport and of the motorcycling companies that they represent. Suggestions on the content to post, not strictly linked to sporting results but which show everyday life, in a spontaneous and natural way, always remaining faithful to one’s personality.

Other topics also emerged, such as an always positive approach towards the outside world and the ability to react to the inevitable failures that the path of a rider entails, learning to manage emotional tension in a constructive way. Knowledge of languages is of fundamental importance to communicate with the entire team, who often speak a language other than their native language.

The highly anticipated guest was the British MXGP MRT Racing Beta Team rider Ben Watson, who told the participants about his first steps in motorsport, enthralling the audience of young riders.

The workshop closed with the speech from Matthew Wear, ACU General Secretary“It was a great occasion and opportunity for you all to be able to participate in this event, I thank the FIM and Infront Moto Racing who hosted these very young British talents in such a provoking and spectacular setting.” This was followed by the presentation of the certificates to the participants by the FIM and the ACU to all riders, who were then able to attend the last round of the 2023 MXGP World Championship.

The next stage of the Ride to FIM Awards will be held on 25th November at Birmingham, UK at Motorcycle Live, with the ‘FIM World Champions Day’, where some of the most decorated British World Champions will be in attendance. Among these will be two riders who together have won ten World titles, namely Carl Fogarty and Jonathan Rea, as well as triple world MX champ Dave Thorpe

Ride to FIM Awards Stage Two – Matterley Basin, UK © MXGP/Massimo Zanzani