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GasGas reveals 2021 models and USA SX bid

KTM-owned GasGas has revealed its 2021 model range of motocross, enduro, XC and trials machines. Heavily based on KTM’s new 2021 models, of course.

And it’s also been announced Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing Team, which will contest the 2021 AMA Supercross and Pro Motocross Championships in the 250cc and 450cc divisions. No riders have yet been announced. The official press info says:

MC 250F MX bike

Let’s get on the gas! Presenting our complete line-up of performance offroad motorcycles, GASGAS Motorcycles are pleased to announce the global availability of all our new generation 2021 motocross, enduro and cross country models together with updated trial machines. From our smallest 2-stroke motocross bike, the MC 50, to our largest 4-stroke cross country model, the awesome EX 450F, all of our bikes will be available from GASGAS dealers worldwide.

MC 125

GASGAS Motorcycles launch 19-bike 2021 model rangeMotocross, cross country, trial and enduro bikes available nowEuro 5 homologated enduro line-upExtensive range of Technical Accessories and ApparelSince GASGAS became a part of the PIERER Mobility Group, we’ve worked tirelessly to reactivate the brand. Ensuring all bikes deliver vibrant styling, the latest technology and ease-of-use, we’ve established a 19-bike-strong range of no-nonsense, user-friendly, performance offroad motorcycles.

EC 350F enduro

All benefiting from the ‘group’s’ robust, high-performance technical base, each one of our bikes embraces a distinct Spanish style as we continue to celebrate the rich and proud heritage GASGAS has in trial competition and enduro racing. With improved levels of dealer network coverage, service and support, our goal is to encourage all riders to join in on the action and get on the gas!

EC 300 smoker

2021 unquestionably marks the start of an exciting new chapter for GASGAS Motorcycles. To further support the launch of our full range of offroad motorcycles, we’re thrilled to announce our plans to go racing in the U.S. as we join forces with a hugely respected name in the supercross/motocross paddock. We’re super pleased to announce the Troy Lee Designs Red Bull GASGAS Factory Racing Team, which will contest the 2021 AMA Supercross and Pro Motocross Championships in the 250cc and 450cc divisions.

MC-E 5

We might be the new guys but we’re bringing fresh energy to the MX scene. With a complete range of motocross bikes, our no-nonsense approach to performance means all of our models deliver proven technology, vibrant styling and an overall simplicity that invites riders to unite in the dirt. Enjoying fun-filled muddy weekends riding and racing with friends is what our MC 125, MC 250F and MC 450F motocross bikes are all about.

MC 450 F

The technology in our frames ensures riders enjoy playful
handling and an energetic feeling on any Motocross track.
Underneath the red powder coating there’s a lightweight
chromium molybdenum steel, hydro-formed, laser-cut and
robot-welded chassis that’s built to perform. Designed to
be rigid where it needs to be rigid and to flex where flex
is needed, it provides exceptional rider feedback, energy
absorption and straight-line stability. With a short and
compact profile all GASGAS Motocross subframes are
made from lightweight aluminum. The profile helps centralize mass while also keeping weight down.

MC 450 F

Light, strong and featuring visible chain adjustment
marks to make life at the track easier, our Motocross
swingarms are made using a gravity die-cast process to
guarantee durability and precision.
All GASGAS Motocross models are equipped with advanced, super-lightweight 48mm WP XACT upside-down
forks that are easily adjustable. Delivering progressive
and consistent damping no matter how rough the track,
they feature a capsulated air spring and pressurized oil
chamber together with other internal damping wizardry.
The end result is outstanding rider comfort and front-end

MC 250 F

Featuring a 3-way handlebar adjustment that allows
riders to set-up the front-end of their bikes just the way
they like it, the forged, 22mm offset triple clamps work in
harmony with our WP front forks to help deliver precise
handling and stability.
Traction is what it’s all about and our fully adjustable WP
XACT rear shock provides the advanced damping that
inspires confidence and ignites fun. Designed to work
harmoniously with both frame and swingarm to offer
incredible energy absorption, the shock is also matched
to a linkage system with a specific geometry that further
aids traction. Rebound and high/low speed compression
adjustment and 300mm of travel means GASGAS Motocross bikes are ready to take on the roughest tracks.

MC 250 F

Our exhaust systems are key to the power delivery of all GASGAS
Motocross bikes. Developed to be slim using an innovative 3D
process, they comply with FIM sound regulations, look great and most
importantly deliver the very best performance. The MC 125 header
pipe offers optimal geometry, performance and ground clearance and
is fitted to a muffler that features an advanced internal construction
for excellent noise damping.
The MC 250F and MC 450F feature two-part exhaust systems that
are expertly designed to deliver awesome performance at the lowest
possible weight. They can also be removed without needing to take
out the rear shock! Further innovation allows for a short, compact
silencer that keeps sound levels down and looks up.

MC 250 F

Keeping our bikes slim means better handling, which is why the
GASGAS Motocross range features cooling systems that are
integrated into the frames. Also allowing for improved cooling due
to eliminating the need for additional hoses, together with the highstrength, lightweight radiators the complete system ensures, well,
our bike stay super cool no matter how tough the conditions!
Both the MC 250F and MC 450F use a 44mm Keihin throttle body
with an injector positioned to ensure the most efficient flow of fuel
mixture into the combustion chamber. But what’s most important to
all riders is the fact that the direct cable mounting system ensures an
immediate throttle response.
Super small but the best there is when it comes to processing engine
data. Used to control all parameters linked to the fuel-injections
system, the Keihin EMS unit also features a gear sensor that allows
a tailored power delivery for each gear.
No need to kick, kick, kick! All GASGAS Motocross bikes are fitted with
an electric starter as standard. Saving time at the start of a day
when a motor’s cold, or near the end of a race when the motor’s
hot, with the simple press of a button both the MC 250F and the MC
450F fire into life. Using a lightweight Li-Ion 2.0Ah battery together
with a robust starter motor from Mitsuba and a reliable starter drive
guarantees reliable starting. Always.

MC 125

Hold on, it’s important! We fit all GASGAS Motocross bikes with quality
Neken tapered handlebars, guaranteeing comfort and control thanks
to optimal pressure points on rider’s hands. The left side ODI grip
doesn’t require gluing, while on the right, the vulcanized grip features
an innovative integrated throttle mechanism. With easy to adjust
free-play, by changing a cam, the progression of the throttle can also
be altered.
We like to keep our fuel tanks simple and robust, that’s why we
opted for a threaded filler cap that provides a tight and reliable seal
and positioned the external fuel line to make sure it’s less exposed
and susceptible to damage. The black 7-liter lightweight polythene
fuel tanks feature direct internal line routing from the pump to the
flange, for optimal fuel flow.

MC 85

Less time working on bikes means more time riding bikes, which is
exactly why you’ll love the straightforward, no tools needed filter
mounting system on all GASGAS Motocross bikes. Allowing quick and
easy filter changes, the airbox is designed with precisely positioned
inlet ducts that ensure maximum airflow and protection of the Twin
Air filter.
No need for adjustment and a near maintenance-free operation, but
the best thing about the Brembo hydraulic clutch is that it delivers
a perfectly smooth action time and time again. With lever free-play
automatically adjusted, the biting point and function of the clutch
remain constant no matter if it’s hot or cold.
Fast is fun but slowing down is essential, which is why all GASGAS
Motocross bikes are fitted with Brembo calipers and controls. With
260mm front and 220mm (solid) rear disks, braking is easy, inspiring
riders to push harder and ride faster.
Built to take a beating, our wheels are ready to play rough. No matter how heavy the landing or how rough the track, the silver, highstrength rims, CNC machined hubs and lightweight spokes deliver
maximum strength for complete peace of mind. Connecting rider
and bike to the track the Maxxis MaxxCross MX-ST tires are designed to be durable, grippy and deliver the performance that completes our proven performance bikes. Inspiring confidence and boosting
predictability the tread pattern is designed to maximize traction and
braking performance.

We want to make sure kids have fun too! Rejuvenated and focused on an exciting new future, our expanded model range features four GASGAS minis, designed for kids aged four to 15 years. With three high-revving, fun-filled 2-strokes, our MC 50, MC 65 and MC 85 allow riders to unite in the dirt, confident of having the very best bikes.

MC 85

Our all-electric MC-E5 is super quiet and super fun – a fully-fledged, quick-charging competition bike that benefits from zero emissions and almost zero sound. The GASGAS mini range ensures no-nonsense performance, bikes that are built to excite and encourage youngsters to develop new skills.

We’re all about trial! And always will be, even if things are a little different now. Improving and strengthening a well-established line-up of innovative, class-leading bikes, we’re fully focused on continuing our involvement in the sport where it all started for GASGAS.

TXT Racing 300

We’re offering the same great 125cc, 250cc, 280cc and 300cc bikes, but now with drastically improved levels of access, service and support. It’s that simple. Trusted and loved by riders all across the world, the GASGAS TXT RACING and TXT GP line-ups remain fun, exciting and easy-to-use.


EC 350 F

The thrill of offroad riding has long been at the heart of GASGAS. That’s why our Euro 5 compliant EC line-up is focused on ensuring fun and putting serious enduro bikes into the hands of riders who love offroad racing. Our complete range of 2-stroke and 4-stroke bikes all feature the latest technologies and celebrate our unique Spanish heritage and enduro know-how.

EC 300

Utilizing a well-proven performance platform, our EC 250, EC 300, EC 250F and EC 350F enduro bikes are all about no-nonsense riding enjoyment.

EC 250 F

Cross Country
Because dirt bike fun shouldn’t be about compromises or limited to just motocross and enduro. Recognizing the need for dedicated cross country models, our EX 300, EX 250F, EX 350F and EX 450F line-up sits shoulder-to-shoulder with our MC and EC models to offer playful, energetic offroad performance. Designed to meet the needs of woods racers both young and old, they all offer proven credentials for a whole lot of fun!

EX 450 F

Technical Accessories and Apparel
Together with our exciting new line-up of performance offroad bikes, we are also launching a full range of GASGAS Technical Accessories and Apparel. Great looking gear that delivers protection, comfort and style, we’ve got motocross, enduro, trial, cross country and mini riders and racers covered! For those looking to protect, improve and customize their MC, EC, EX or TXT machines, our extensive range of Technical Accessories includes just about everything needed, from wheels to exhaust systems, triple clamps to hand guards.

EC 300

2021 marks the start of an exciting new chapter for GASGAS Motorcycles. Underlining our commitment to re-energizing and reactivating the brand is the slogan GET ON THE GAS! So much more than just a playful slogan, these four special words run deep within GASGAS. It’s what we stand for, and a permanent reminder of the joy of riding dirt bikes. GASGAS was founded by riders and remains a brand for riders. We embrace those who enjoy the challenge and who encourage others to challenge themselves. For us, it’s about having fun, dreaming big but not forgetting the simple pleasure of riding with your buddies. We believe in positivity, energy, determination, and embrace playful camaraderie. For us it’s about being a part of our amazing offroad community.

All GASGAS 2021 models are now available worldwide from authorized GASGAS Motorcycles dealers. Availability may differ from country to country.