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GOAT Strafer range from Fox revealed

There’s no argument: Ricky Carmichael is the Greatest of All Time. His legendary battles, undefeated seasons, and iconic Fox Racing graphics are burned into our collective memories. The GOAT Special Edition Collection reinvents Ricky Carmichael Replica kits, handpicked by RC himself.

Strafer, the second graphic in the collection, commemorates RC’s back-from-injury, 2004 Pro Motocross Championship-winning season. It was the first year the #4 number plate was bolted on to a “thumper”, and we got a real taste of 4-stroke racing at tracks like Kenworthy’s Motocross Park in Troy, Ohio. If that doesn’t jog your memory, how about RC’s 100th win at Budds Creek, or claiming another undefeated season? That’s 24 outdoor motocross wins following an ACL injury, and that wasn’t even his plan. Just another reason why RC’s the Greatest of All Time.

Check out the range HERE