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Godspeed US champ Mike Bell

Former US Supercross champion Mike Bell has died age just 63. The 1980 SX No.1 died while mountain biking, believed to have been victim of a heart attack.

Too Tall Bell at Fareigh

The lanky Southern Californian picked up the nickname “Too Tall” but unlike his peers, didn’t start racing until he was 14 and came to the forefront as part of his high school’s motocross team. His first supercross was when he raced the 1974 Superbowl of Motocross in Los Angeles and led Marty Smith until two laps to go, finishing second.

Mike Bell in the UK in 2012

He rode for Yamaha his whole career, dominating the 1980 Supercross series when he won seven main events. He retired in 1983 after winning the Dallas Supercross that year.

He never won an outdoor title but came closest in 1979 when he missed the 500 championship by just three points to Danny La Porte. Bell’s long legs meant he was prone to knee injuries which kept him off the race bike several times for surgery.

After retiring, he worked for Oakley and White Brothers and was a successful mountain bike racer.

Always knows as one fo the nicest riders in the paddock, Bell came to the UK in 2012 where he raced a Yamaha in the VMXdN at Farleigh Castle.

He will be sadly missed and our thoughts go out to all his family, friends and fans.