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How Quick Can Sam Sunderland Eat Rice With Chopsticks?

Josh Sampiero is back with another exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the 2019 Silk Way Rally. We begin this episode checking in wth Nasser Al-Attiyah after he had completed a stage, complete with a flat tyre!

Sam Sunderland explains how he had a crash shortly into the stage and lost his GPS signal. He was not injured after the crash, he was more concerned about making sure his ride on the stage was properly recorded. Next we visit a traditional Mongolian festival known as ‘Naadam’.

It’s a celebration of the Mongolian culture, and the whole country takes part in this unique holiday. Nasser tries his hand at some archery and horse riding. From there, we cross the border into China at Gashuun via an old military helicopter and chat with Sam again – where he goes into detail with Andrew Short discussing their stage battle.

It looks like Sam suffered no serious injuries. Who’s up for the chopsticks challenge? The KTM Factory Racing team certainly were and were not messing about! Watch to see who is fastest…. spoiler alert: It’s SAM! Keep watching to see who was victorious at the 2019 Silk Way Rally, and the special feat achieved by Nasser Al-Attiyah and co-driver Mathieu Baumel.

Congratulations to the Silk Way Rally Champs!