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Ironworks Apico 2-Stroke Fest axed

Round two of the Apico 2-Stroke Festival which was to be held at IronWorks Moto Park on 3-4 August has been cancelled due to lack of entries.

Organiser Dave Willet said: “It’s a tough and disappointing decision that wasn’t made lightly but due to lack of entries, we feel this is the for the best and I’d like to apologise to everyone for not being able to run the round.

“We’ve had lots of interest but that hasn’t converted into entries. We tried hard to get a following up north with a Red Bull ride and training day there for free and we’ve promoted this mega circuit the best we can. But due to some riders not willing to travel to Middlesborough and local riders having lots of event options, it just seems the commitment is not there. Even with great prizes, money and promotion for competitors, it seems we are fighting an uphill battle.

“We have more riders booked into the second Red Bull day on August 20 at Sellindge in Kent and we will run the final round there because it seems to work in that area.

“I’ve tried to take the series out of the South East because it’s what many riders asked for. But since then a lot of series have introduced a two-stroke class and they can commit to bigger tracks because they are not trying to build a two-stroke only series.

“All entries will be fully refunded and we will be looking into incorporating the registration fee into the last round for registered riders.

“For the finale at Sellindge, we have some exciting names coming so we’ll focus on making that round something very special.

“Once again I can only apologise and say thanks to the riders who were committed and had entered the event, along with all the sponsors.”