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Leatt puts the boot in

Leatt has been widening its range for a number of years and it seems the company isn’t slowing down anytime soon as it aims to offer the ultimate in protection. Starting with neck braces but now offering all the kit including helmets, Leatt has now moved into boots and I’ve been using the newest and coolest product to hit the off-road market – the new 5.5 FlexLock boot, writes Dave Willet

You may have seen the boot over the past year as Ryan Sipes and Jonny Walker have been using protoypes of the boots. They’ve been part of the development team and they’ve made no secret of their involvement.

We’ve also been using the boots before launch, so we’ve got a great idea of how they perform not just in first impressions or comfort and feel but also in durability.

Any social media ‘influencer’ can hold a boot up and say what it looks like, but what they can’t do is tell you what it’s like in the real world.

The key to the safety of the boot is the adjustable FlexLock system which reduces forces to the ankle by up to 37% and the knee by up to 35%, claim Leatt.

The boot has a lock out system at the back to prevent your ankle flexing out or hyper extending, giving you that feeling of security. I’m happy to report you can really feel the support so for all you beat-up motocross riders carrying injuries, these boots do help. I can speak first hand because I’ve got a left ankle which has been broken a few times and a right knee which has received an ACL reconstruction. So any advantages to help reduce forces on my knees or ankles, I welcome.

I broke my left ankle many years ago which means it protrudes a little on the inside, so I always require good padding and a comfy feel or else my ankle blisters up from rubbing against the boot inner. This has happened with some less comfortable models of boots and I’m happy to say that the 5.5 boot has passed the test. I still have my skin after numerous rides and my ankle isn’t sore.

The fitment on this boot is spot on, too. You can feel the fit is right as soon as you put it on and go for a ride. First impressions count and the 5.5 doesn’t disappoint.

Strapping up the boot is easy. It’s smooth and uncomplicated with its four-strap buckle hinge system and the slide lock Velcro which allows you to slide the boot outer tight once it’s locked together. The Velcro only activates in one direction which is to stop the boot coming undone.

Putting all the new or different technology aside I really rate this new boot because it’s comfortable, offers good grip to the frame and footpegs and you have a good feeling of the controls. You can feel your feet are planted on the pegs and you can work your controls easily while having confident that your feet are protected.

I’ve being testing these boots for while now and I’m happy to say the sole and inner of the boot durability is good, too. I like and rate the boot so much I’ve brought my son a pair!