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Leatt’s more affordable boots

Leatt has launched the 4.5 Moto Boot, at a budget-friendly £255. The official information says:

There are over 24 bones that give structure and mobility to the foot and ankle. Off-Road riders put a lot of punishment through their feet.  From absorbing landings on big jumps, to catching your foot in a rut, on a log or root, your feet sustain a great deal of punishment, so its super important to protect them whilst maintaining great comfort and feel when riding a dirtbike.

The 4.5 Boot offers advanced technology at a mid-range price point. Moto boots are undoubtedly one of the most essential pieces of protective gear a rider should invest in. This boot is designed to enhance your riding skills, through comfort and feel while protecting your feet from serious injuries should you take a fall. 

From the moment you slip them on, these boots just feel outstandingly comfortable, offering all riders a spacious first-class fit, even for those with wider feet.

The 4.5 Moto Boots offer premium comfort, fit, security, protection and style at a great price, if you’re looking for an affordable riding boot that will keep you safe, the Leatt 4.5 Moto Boot is for you!

Pricing: $299.99/€ 299.00/£254.99