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Maggiora back on MXGP calendar!

The best riders in the world will return to race on Maggiora’s dirt in 2020. After having presented a new completely project, re-examined in every detail and submitted to the V.I.A. (Environmental Impact Assessment), obtaining a favorable opinion, sports activities are expected to resume shortly and will include various innovations, adding to motocross also cycling activities, becoming an important resource for the region, creating activities with low environmental impact, developing the tourism and the local economy. The rising of Maggiora, as the venue for 2020 Italian Grand Prix, is the starting point for writing together with Youthstream, the FIM and the FMI new unforgettable pages of the most beautiful sport in the world: Motocross.

Youthstream CEO David Luongo: “We are very proud to bring back the MXGP World Championship to Maggiora for the 2020. This place has always been linked with very special moments in the motocross history. Every fan still remember the 1986 Motocross of Nations when the American Dream Team won the Chamberlain trophy. When MXGP came back in 2013 to Maggiora it has been one of the biggest successes of the season and we have no doubt that the future will be bright for this event. I would like to thank Stefano Avendero and all his team for the efforts put into this project towards the last years, their passion for Motocross and the FMI for supporting MXGP.”

FMI President Giovanni Copioli: “We all know how much Maggiora is important for Italian and international Motocross. I’m really satisfied about the MXGP return in a such great location liked by fans and riders and very important for the territory. I want to thanks Youthstream and Stefano Avandero for their engagement in this project.  The Italian Motorcycling Federation supports this kind of initiatives, and now we can wait for the great emotions of the 2020 MXGP of Italy.”

A Sport Group President Stefano Avandero: “It is with great pride that I can announce that Maggiora Park has obtained the favorable opinion of the VIA project (Environmental Impact Assessment) presented and that the last procedures are finally being completed. Thinking that after three long years, the activity can restart, is a great feeling. We are organizing a very efficient and qualified team that, with good planning, will help me to make Maggiora great again. The various local institutions, such as the Province and the Municipality, have been vital to reach this great goal, as has the support of YouthStream, the FIM and the Italian Motorcycle Federation. The Maggiora Park will also have another great goal realizing various paths dedicated to both “E-Bike” and muscular MTBs, over the whole area, including passages on the motocross track that throughout the year will be available for these disciplines. I also have in mind many other projects that will be part of a new great chapter of the history of Maggiora.”

Indonesia will continue to be part of the MXGP Calendar for another three years, with two rounds due to take place in 2020, one of them being held in the beautiful Jakarta. 

The Indonesian Grand Prix has been a part of the MXGP calendar for the last three years and has opened a brand-new world for the motocross industry, increasing the popularity of the sport in the Asian part of the world. 

Youthstream CEO David Luongo met the Supersport Sensation International Chairman Mr. Ivi Sumarna who, together with a delegation from Jakarta, joined the 2019 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations to sign the new three-year contract and experience this fantastic event. 

Speaking at the announcement press conference was Youthstream CEO David Luongo and Organiser of the Indonesian MXGP and Supersport Sensation International Chairman Mr. Ivi Sumarna on stage to present the new stop of the Indonesians rounds. 

Youthstream CEO David Luongo: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are honoured to present the signing of the contract for a new venue in Indonesia. The MXGP World Championship is a global series. We travel all around the world and the target for Youthstream, as a promoter, is to make our sport bigger and more popular; Indonesia is one of the biggest countries for the motorcycling industry around the world so it’s very important for the MXGP to be present in Indonesia. The last few years we have had two races there and thanks to the incredible work done we have the occasion to meet a very strong company in Indonesia called Triple S, who were very interested in the potential of the Motocross World Championship. They came to some races and they decided to join us here at the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations in order to witness what the events are like in Europe. The race will take place in Jakarta which is a fantastic step for the Grand Prix there. We have no doubt that we will enter in the new dimension for this event in Indonesia to bring motocross to an even higher lever in the country for the upcoming years. I wish to thank Mr. Ivi Sumarna and all the delegation coming from Jakarta for this event this weekend.”

Organiser of the Indonesian MXGP and Supersport Sensation International Chairman Mr.Ivi Sumarna: “Thank you everyone for being here at this presentation. It has been a pleasure for me to see this event onsite. I met David Luongo last year and as you know we have been having the MXGP event the last 3 years, the response is very high in Indonesia and I think it is time now to bring it to Jakarta. First of all, I wish to mention the great support from our President of the Indonesian Federation Sadikin Aksa and from the local government so hopefully we can increase the popularity of motocross all over the world”.