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Mewse and Searle rule Foxhill

Conrad Mewse romped to a fine double win in the MX1 class while Tommy Searle was also unbeaten in the MX2 races in the new-look Fastest 40 series which kicked off today at Foxhill. And in the brand new Apico 2-Tsroke Festival 125 class, Josh Vail also went unbeaten, proving his step up from 85s is a successful one.

The MX1 podium

The MX1 class was never really in doubt as Mewse quickly moved into the lead on the first lap in race one and began to pull away to a huge lead. His only issue came when he thought he’d crossed the finish line and pulled off the track, only to be waved back on by his team But his lead was so huge, he still won by Triston Purdon.

Hammal took third overall in MX1

Jason Meara took a solid third, from fellow Ulsterman Martin Barr, Mewse’s new team-mate Taylor Hammal, who set the fastest lap in qualifying, went down twice on the first lap but came back to fifth from Tom Grimshaw and Jamie Carpenter.

Second time out Purdon led again and it took Mewse a couple of laps to get by, then he started to pull away for an unchallenged win.

This time Hammal made a batter start, reeled in Purdon then pounced on lap six to take second. That dropped Purdon to third form Barr and his Apico Honda team-mate Grimshaw.

It meant Mewse continues his unbeaten run this season with first overall, from Purdon and Hammal.

Searle was unbeaten in MX2

In the MX2 class, the opener was a thriller between Husky’s Charlie Heyman and Searle. The youngster held off experienced man Searle until half way, until the former British champ got by and edged away for the win. Ben Mustoe came through to third from Joe Brookes and Joel Rizzi.

Searle led away in race two and controlled the pace, keeping a decent distance from his Kawasaki team-mate Joel Rizzi in second, with that man Mustoe third again. Jamie Wainwright took fourth while Heyman had problems on the first lap and came around in 17th spot. He pulled back up to fifth with a gritty ride.

Rizzi chased Searle home in the MX2 finale

So Searle took the overall from Mustoe and Rizzi, with Heyman on the same points but in fourth place.

Josh Vail ran away with both 125 races

Former 85 ace Josh Vail dominated both packed 125 races, to claim a dominant overall win from Jamie Keith who took a pair of second places with Charlie Richmond third both time out for third overall.