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Mike Alessi is the first MX champion of 2020!

Yes, it’s definitely been a strange year with the AMA Supercross, MXGPs and all National championships on hold due to Covid-19. But once fun race did go ahead in the USA yesterday, Moto Fite Klub. Organised by our pals at RacerX magazine in the USA, it saw new and old school riders go head-to-head.

Damon Bradshaw, Jeff Stanton, Broc Glover, Travis Pastrana, Mike Alessi, Ryan Villopoto, Kevin Windham, Jake Weimer, Ryan Sipes and Ivan Tedesco competed on a range on new and old-school machines for a charity pay-per-view TV race with no spectators. Although Ivan pulled out before the racing could start as he fell ill.

Of course Travis Pastrana backflipped an old YZ490, Broc Glover raced a YZ490 then had a spin on Pastrana’s RM-Zilla 500 two-stroke Suzuki, and Weimer was lucky not to have a huge over the bars moment. It was a fun race, but it all got serious in the final where Sipes faced Villopoto and Alessi.

The record books will show Mike Alessi is the first official Motocross champion of 2020 as he took the win. Strange days indeed.

Photos courtesy of RacerX magazine. You can see their report and pics HERE.