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MotoGP ace Bradley Smith to return to two-stroke motocross!

MotoGP world championship racer Bradley Smith will be making a return to motocross racing at the Apico 2-Stroke Festival at Sellindge MX in Kent on August 31-September 1. 

Former youth motocross racer Bradley, the only rider to take a podium in all four classes of Grand Prix motorcycle road racing. Bradley races for the Aprilia factory team in MotoGP but saw some of his biggest successes on two-strokes, winning three 125cc GPs with 20 podiums.

Bradley loves his motocross

Oxford-based 28-year-old Bradley Smith said: “I stopped racing motocross in January 2005, but two-strokes were a huge part of my life from starting on a KX60 at six-years-old to winning my last 125 GP in Valencia in 2010.

The 2-stroke festival gives me a chance to get my competitive nature out of the box, but also just enjoy a shared love for motocross and dirt bogies!” 

The event is now in is third year and harks back to the sights, sounds and smells of yesteryear with only two-strokes allowed in all classes. There are classes from youths on mini bikes to current pro racers on modern bikes and even former GP stars on pre-1999 Super Evo and Evo bikes bidding to win official ACU British championships. And spectator entry is free, where fans can get up close to the riders in the open paddock.

Event organiser Dave Willet said: “This is exactly what the Apico 2-Stroke Festival is all about. It’s designed to get that buzz going and 2-stroke juices flowing, encouraging old and new 2-stroke riders to join in and compete.
“We want riders to relate back to those glory days of listening to a 2-Stroke fire into life and create that feeling for the youth, too. The smell of premix and sound of 2-strokes lasts for a life time. And that’s why Bradley Smith has decided to compete at the festival.

“To be able to have one of Britain’s best motorcycle racers want to compete on the dirt again is a huge credit to him and the festival. He’s got a manic schedule yet he’s keen to reminisce and ride with fell smoker addicts.”