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NEW 10TEN MX-E bike for £999

The fast-selling 10TEN range of off-road bikes from UK distributor Dualways has expanded for 2020 with the introduction of the all-new 10TEN MX-E, the first fully-electric model in the 10TEN line-up.

The MX-E is the perfect bike for beginners eager to get to grips with riding a powered two-wheeler, but without the need to worry about gear and clutch control or hot parts. It also has two power settings, allowing adult supervisors to initially restrict the bike and then increase the power once the rider becomes more confident. This helps young riders to develop their riding skills without the noise and disturbance of a conventional petrol engine.

For peace of mind, the MX-E has a removable lithium battery, which allows the battery to be taken off to charge. This serves as both a security measure – it cannot be ridden away – and a convenience factor, as it can be fully charged in four to six hours and a spare can be kept ready to swap in when required.

10TEN motorcycles appeal to a wide range of motorcyclists from young minibike racers through to adult competitors. Now, with the launch of its first electric model, 10TEN has a platform from which to develop a portfolio of motorcycles fit for future generations of riders.

10TEN products come with the assurance of a major, well-established distributor, a six-months parts and labour warranty and a full spares back-up service.

Motor: ZS SDM Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor
Rated Voltage VDC: 48V
Rated Power: 500W
Rated Speed (RPM): 3100RPM
Output Max Power: 1000W
Max Torque: 10N.m
Top Speed: 45km/h
Sprocket: Front 13T/Rear 52T
Chain: 415 CHOHO
Battery: 48V 7.5Ah 360WH
Controller: FOC 17A Top Current Limited
Charger: 48V 2A
Charging Time: 4-6 hours
Display: LCD Battery Capacity Indicator
Frame: 30×20 Oval Flat Tube Welding, Steel
Handlebar: 22.2mm alloy 600 width
Seat: Vacuum Bubble Cushion, 595mm height
Dimension L x W x H: 1210 x 600 x 805
Wheelbase: 810mm
Front/Rear Brakes: Disc Brake 160 mm/160 mm
Front/Rear Rims: 1.40 x 10’/1.40 x 10’ Aluminium
Front/Rear Tyres: 2.50 x 10’/2.50 x 10’
Net Weight: 32kg

SRP: £999 including VAT.

Available early October 2020.