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New WP XPLOR enduro shock

WP Suspension is pleased to announce the launch of the new WP XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock. This product of the latest innovation in motorsports and its handcrafted perfection takes the performance of Enduro machines to the limits of what is physically possible. XPLOR PRO helps enduro riders to get through even the most demanding terrain faster, more efficiently and with significantly more power to the ground. The duo of technical All-Stars consisting of SUPERTRAX and PROGRESSIVE DAMPING SYSTEM (PDS) works perfectly as a unit to improve ground contact, enables the most sensitive feedback from the ground and provides the most reliable damping performance with sufficient reserves no matter what awaits the rider behind the next hilltop.

The WP XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock is unaffected by all the obstacles the terrain throws at it. Due to the highly innovative SUPERTRAX technology, the rebound speed can be optimized via adjusters after a lift off of the rear wheel and the time without ground contact can be drastically reduced. This means that enduro riders with the XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock are back on the throttle faster and dig their rear wheel into the dirt without losing precious time. Reduced motorcycle compression and a more upright riding position reduces the physical stress on the rider and ensures a crucial advantage in competition.

WP XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock ADVANTAGESIncreased control and a more comfortable riding experience even in tough terrainIndividual adjustability of the rebound movement and speedMore grip and traction of the rear wheel and, therefore, improved accelerationSUPERTRAX is used by the most successful factory team riders in Enduro

The XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock will be available from September 21th for the following motorcycles:

EXC (150, 250, 300); EXC-F (250, 350, 450, 500);
XC-W (150, 250, 300); XCF-W (350, 500). -From 2017-