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All new 2018 Gas Gas two-strokes


Spanish firm Gas Gas has revealed a pair of brand new 2018 two-strokeEC/XC enduro bikes, with all-new engines, frames, suspension and bodywork. They’re not fuel injected, but feature components such as KYB suspension and Keihin carb. The press release says:

Gas Gas is proud to present the new Gas Gas EC/XC, its symbol of renewal. An enduro bike that joins together in one unique formula all the ingredients for maximum reliability, top specs, confidence, versatility, easy to ride and mechanically accessible. This is an innovative bike from its very conception, designed around a central backbone frame. A structural element in combination with new geometry and top quality suspension (Kayaba front and back), giving the new Gas Gas weapon lightness and sensitivity in riding.

The new Gas Gas EC/XC has been conceived and designed for easy, quick mechanical accessibility, suitable for riders of all levels right across the broad spectrum in the world of enduro, both professional and amateur, thanks to its versatility, power and ease of riding. The new Gas Gas EC/XC has new geometry for a bike with a visibly lighter and narrower shape, only 105 kg, with a greater turn angle.


Gas Gas only trusts in the best components for its new enduro. A total commitment to the quality of the bike when taken as a whole reaches the highest peak of excellence thanks to a never-ending list of new parts in both the bike and engine. Amongst the most important, as well as the previously mentioned Kayaba suspension, are the Magura clutch cylinder, the FMF Powercore 2.1 silencer -manufactured exclusively for Gas Gas-, the Kehin PWK 38 carburettor, Excel wheels and Metzeler Six Days tyres, as well as the Nissan brake calipers and cylinders and the NG discs … elements trusted by the big names in each part of the manufacture of competition components.

The Gas Gas EC/XC 2018 range has a powerful new engine with a new thermodynamic. It is to be manufactured in two capacities (250/300cc), with electric start. It is going to be a delight for riders with even more performance than its two-stroke predecessors.

Sometime you have to finish an era and start a new one. Grow stronger and wiser. To re-invent oneself as an improved version, just like the new Gas Gas EC/XC 2018, the total renovation of Gas Gas in enduro.



  • Kinematics
  • Central backbone frame, completely redesigned, less torsional stiffness and low weight
  • Aluminium sub-frame with new profiles, lighter and more resistant
  • Kayaba (KYB) Ø 48 front fork, AOS (Air/Oil Separation) system, sealed cartridge, adjustable spring rate, compression and rebound
  • Kayaba (KYB) monoshock with adjustable rebound and adjustable high and low speed compression.
  • Greater turn angle.
  • Black suspension and handlebar clamps.
  • Fully redesigned aluminium alloy swingarm, optimized and lightened.
  • Optimised link with wishbone and rocker system, new progressive rear suspension.
  • Completely redesigned chain guide system and rollers .
  • Easier chain tensioner adjustment.
  • Rear axle designed for faster removal.
  • EXCEL rims with silver galvanized spokes.
  • NG brake discs.
  • Narrower petrol tank with a large fuel capacity
  • Larger air filter housing volume.
  • Rapid filter removal system through the side cover number panel.
  • Inlet system (filter, spider assembly, canister and nozzle).
  • Narrower seat with lateral mounting covered with a larger foam base to improve comfort.
  • Lighter footpegs with more grip and greater surface area.
  • Nissin rear brake and slave cylinder system.
  • MAGURA clutch cylinder.
  • Redesign of the whole body of the motorcycle, narrower, more aggressive and more comfortable.
  • Radiator grilles
  • Fork protectors
  • Frame protectors
  • Electrical installation and distribution of its components (battery, CDI, starter relay, regulator and coil)
  • New multifunction
  • LED rear light and headlight


  • Motor Gas Gas EC, new thermodynamic and higher performance
  • New crankshaft
  • Cylinder with new distribution
  • Cylinder head with new strut
  • FMF Powercore 2.1 exhaust silencer designed exclusively for Gas Gas
  • New refrigeration system
  • Improved clutch lubrication system

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