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New helmets star in Leatt 2021 range

Leatt is launching their all-new 2021 range of Helmets and Gear, including high-performance all-weather jackets, jerseys, pants and gloves. Leatt’s dedication to rider safety and scientific approach to riding gear is distinct in their advanced new 2021 range of Moto Helmets, including the 9.5 Carbon and 8.5 Composite.

The helmets feature cutting-edge brain injury reduction technology with four densities of impact foam.  Remarkably lightweight, with an advanced ventilation system, their 2021 helmets meet and exceed safety standards, as well as expectations. Available in a broad range of striking colors to suit all tastes, the 8.5 and 9.5 also come with a FREE pair of bulletproof Velocity goggles!



Slipping the 9.5 Carbon Helmet onto your head, you’ll instantly notice its high quality. To say it’s possibly the most comfortable helmet is no exaggeration. Providing massive airflow at any speed, it feels exceptionally light yet remains highly protective.

Naturally, all Leatt helmets are built to be compatible with the Leatt neck brace, allowing for maximum head and neck mobility. Leatt’s 9.5 Carbon is undoubtedly one of the lightest DOT/ECE approved helmets you can buy. If you are looking for a stylish helmet that features the latest technology in safety and comfort, Leatt’s 2021 range of Moto helmets is for you.

9.5 Carbon helmet


Redefining head and brain protection, Leatt introduces the 9.5 Carbon Helmet and 8.5 Composite Helmet. With premium protective features like four densities of impact foam cut into five sections, visor with breakaway function and emergency cheek pad removal. The highest level of impact protection is achieved using 360⁰ Turbine Technology, which reduces forces associated with concussion and rotational acceleration to the brain.


While large ventilation channels, a Pro-Fit elastic comfort liner and a hydration port provide all-day coolness and comfort. All helmets also feature a washable, anti-odor X-Static® Inner liner that wicks away moisture and offers excellent breathability.



From heavy-duty Enduro to lightweight and super-ventilated, Leatt’s striking range of 2021 jackets are packed with high-performance features like a lightweight, durable shell, water-resistant/breathable material, X-Flow mesh, pre-curved zip-off arms, Brush Guard and hydration pocket. Keeping you dry, ventilated and protected from the elements, for increased comfort and performance.


Leatt’s bold, stylish 2021 jerseys include the 5.5 laser-cut and welded, ultra-light race fit jersey with MoistureCool stretch mesh and the 4.5 classic fit jersey that’s super vented with X-Flow mesh. Dirt, water and stain resistant, these impressive jerseys will keep you cool and comfortable on the track.


The impressive 5.5 pants offer a pre-curved race fit, internal knee brace system to reduce wear and tear, and inner knee reinforcement with full-grain leather for superior bike grip. While the light and breathable 4.5 pants feature a pre-curved classic fit, RipStop stretch and X-Flow mesh panels for cool, ventilated comfort that keeps you at peak performance.


Leatt’s 2021 glove technology and features will not disappoint, with high-performance materials like: SubZero – cold weather insulated material, WindBlock – windproof and water-resistant four-way stretch material, light – breathable four-way stretch material and X-Flow – Vented four-way stretch mesh.

Leatt also offers two levels of palm, with a slim, durable MicronGrip palm setting a new standard for gloves in this price range, offering you good wet and dry grip. While the durable, breathable ultra-thin NanoGrip palm offers superior wet and dry grip and handlebar feel.

Their 2021 gloves are fully touchscreen compatible and supremely comfortable thanks to FormFit finger stitching. The range includes the 3.5 and 4.5 Lite, 2.5 X-Flow, WindBlock and SubZero, and 1.5 GripR.

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