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Online test to see how well you know ACU rules!

The ACU has produced some online quizzes about becoming a Clerk of the Course. The first one is the Motocross Clerk of the Course quiz.

The Clerk of the Course is a very responsible position to undertake as the incumbent is the Chief Executive Official of an event. 

The individual is responsible for the management and conduct of a meeting and under his/her direction other executive and administrative officials are appointed. The role is very rewarding, but equally can be very demanding and carries a huge responsibility on the individual which he/she needs to be aware of before undertaking the appointment.

For Off Road Disciplines, any individual wishing to take on the role of Clerk of the Course in any discipline must be aware of the responsibility involved and some of the difficult decisions they have to make.

Some of these decisions will not be popular and as such the Clerk of the Course may find that a rider or entrant has lodged a protest, or the Clerk of the Course may be required to deal with a disciplinary issue.  These decisions will very quickly become of interest locally, regionally or nationally, dependent on the level of the event and as such the Clerk of the Course needs to have strength of character to be able to defend his/her actions in a professional, articulate and calm manner.

The 2020 ACU Handbook can be found here if needed for reference –

The Quiz can be completed here –