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Paris Supercross track build starts

It’s just a few days until the the 38th edition of the Paris Supercross will start on Saturday afternoon, and the first trucks have started to deliver material to build the track (Pics by Mathias Brunner/ The first challenge is to be ready for the first practice session on Friday afternoon. Then the next one will be to take everything out of the stadium on Sunday morning, as on Sunday afternoon the Arena will have a round of the French Rugby Championship!

The race will see Tony Cairoli and Romain Febvre take on Chad Reed and some of the top Euros and Americans inside the stadium. There has already been some controversy as one of the organisers has said the whoops will be less severe, in order to be more suitable for GP riders. And the American internet trolls have been quick to poke fun at the Euros! The entry is:


# 3 Romain FEBVRE (F-Kawasaki KRT Monster Energy)

# 6 Thomas RAMETTE (F-Yamaha GSM)

# 9 Dylan WRIGHT (CDN-Honda GDR Canada)

# 10 Justin BRAYTON (USA-Honda Smartop)

# 19 JUSTIN BOGLE (USA-Suzuki)

# 20 Gregory ARANDA (F-KTM Tech 32)

# 22 Chad REED (AUS-KTM Mountain Motorsports)

# 25 Marvin MUSQUIN (F-KTM Red Bull)

# 26 Alex MARTIN (USA-Yamaha GSM)

# 75 Josh HILL (USA-Yamaha Monster)

# 77 Alessandro LUPINO (I-KTM)

# 85 Cedric SOUBEYRAS (F-Husqvarna 2B)

# 131 Nicolas AUBIN (F-Gas-Gas Milwaukee Bihr LS)

# 137 Adrien ESCOFFIER (F-Honda SR Motoblouz)

# 141 Maxime DESPREY (F-Yamaha GSM)

# 222 Antonio CAIROLI (I-KTM Red Bull)

# 264 Ryan SIPES (USA-GasGas Red Bull)

# 945 Anthony BOURDON (F-Gas-Gas 737 Performance)


# 11 Calvin FONVIEILLE (F-KTM)

# 14 Arnaud AUBIN (F-GasGas Milwaukee Bihr LS)

# 19 Sacha COENEN (F-Kawasaki BUD 9mm)

# 21 Julien ROUSSALY (F-Yamaha)

# 22 Mickaël LAMARQUE (F-GasGas)

# 31 Adrien MALAVAL (F-Yamaha)

# 81 Brian HSU (D-KTM)

# 92 Ander VALENTIN (SP – GasGas)

# 93 Lucas COENEN (BEL-Kawasaki BUD 9mm)

# 110 Kyle PETERS (USA-Honda)

# 259 Julien LEBEAU (F-Kawasaki)

# 319 Quentin PRUGNIERES (F-Kawasaki BUD 9mm)

# 335 Enzo POLIAS (F-GasGas)

# 355 Joey CROWN (USA-KTM VHR)

# 384 Lorenzo CAMPORESE (I-Kawasaki BUD 9mm)

# 516 François DORE (F-KTM)

# 589 Kiliann POLL (F-KTM)

# 751 Germain JAMET (F-Yamaha)

# 831 Brice MAYLIN (F-Husqvarna)

# 959 Maxime RENAUX (F-Yamaha Factory Monster Energy)


Josh SHEEHAN (Australia-Honda Monster Energy)

Matt REBEAUD (Switzerland – Alta RedBull)

Nicolas TEXIER (France)

Maikel MELERO (Spain)

Julien MANNON (France)

The race will be live on French TV Channel: Automotolachaine. You can find all informations (entry lists, time table, etc….) on the official website: