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Roczen blames bike set-up for Anaheim sixth

Ken Roczen says he got his bike set-up wrong for the Anaheim supercross, which saw him unable to fend off attacks from Blake Baggett and Jason Anderson as he finished a disappointing sixth.

He said: “From previous experience I have set my bike up very stiff for safety reasons. I have realised that even before going to Anaheim 1 that it may be on the stiff side. At the same time I didn’t want to flip everything upside down and keep messing around with anything just before the season starts.

“Ultimately I wanted to get to the races and then go from there. The tracks get really rough in the main and having a too stiff of a bike doesn’t help the whole situation and conditions. I felt like I was riding a BMX bike.

“No excuse though! Not pointing fingers or anything. We all know I can be and should be up at the front. The first race is down, I got the speed and I have put in my work over the off season no doubt. This week is about taking everything a step down and come to St Louis happy and motivated!”