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Roczen stripped of red plate

Ken Roczen has been stripped of his red plate from last night’s Houston supercross for ignoring a red cross flag, handing the series leader’s honour back to round one victor Justin Barcia. It was believed to have happened following Chase Sexton’s crash.

The results were of the event were officially declared as provisional pending an inquiry into riders passing under red cross flags. The results gave Roczen the lead by one point from Barcia. This has now been sorted and the race results officially stand, said the AMA, but the points have been altered!

Ken Roczen and Jason Anderson were both penalised four points each for allegedly jumping on a Red Cross flag. Their race results officially remain, while their points penalty was subtracted.

Roczen was initially the series leader but has now lost it after being docked four points – equivalent to and given ninth place – despite still being shown as fifth in the official results.

Roczen is now fifth in the updated championship. Anderson was eighth but docked four points too.

Official results… note Roczen and Anderson docked four points each

Points standings