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Stop riding motorcycles says Jean-Michel Bayle

Former world motocross, AMA supercross and motocross champ and MotoGP racer Jean-Michel Bayle is calling on all motorcyclists to stop riding in a bid to curtail the spread of Cornoavirus, and take any potential strain off hospitals.

“I advise you not to ride and not train on a motorcycle,” said the Frenchman. “Even if the virus is not dramatically dangerous for you, you can catch it and pass it on to your parents and grandparents who will be in danger.

“If you go down and get hurt, your care will be in hospitals that are full because of Covid 19. Do you think it’s necessary to take that risk? Medical staff must take care of people in real danger and it would be stupid to mobilise them for non-essential reasons.

“This is a simple advice, be responsible.”