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Strong rides for Gabriel KTM at Canada Heights

Heading into Sunday morning at the sunny circuit, we saw the return of a full paddock of spectators as our MX2 rider John Adamson rider headed out for his qualifying session, and Instantly showing speed and smoothness, placing himself in ninth behind a line up of MXGP Contenders. 

Race one for John saw him grab a decent start and push his way through the pack into seventh, just before coming together with another rider, clipping the fence which saw him drop down to eleventh, but still grabbing a great result.

Moto two for the MX2 rider, John grabbed a great holeshot ahead of the rest of the pack, and continued to lead for the opening three laps of the race just before dropping down to fourth, as his rear wheel clipped the fence but he still managed to finish a respective P7, settling for a ninth overall scorecard for the day.
Liam Knight flying high
The MX1 qualifying field was pretty hectic heading out after the MX2 Class, but Liam pushed hard in the first few laps of qualifying and ended up a solid tenth just behind Elliott Banks Browne. 

Moto one saw Liam grab a decent enough start, but was mid pack for the first few laps until he pushed up to sixth, then got clipped by another rider, which saw him end up in seventh position despite showing some good speed against the factory riders. 

Feeling strong and confident on his 450KTM Liam shot into a great start for the second Moto of the day, sitting in fourth and tagging onto the back of Tommy Searle showing he had the pace to stick with the top five. Just fading a little bit towards the end of the 25 minute race with the heat, Liam finished a respectable sixth for a seventh overall finish for the day.
 The team will be looking ahead to Foxhills, for round four of Revo ACU British Championship on June 19th, and round two of the Michelin MX Nationals Championship on June 20th at Hawkstone Park.