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Surgery for Hammal to fix wrist issue

British MX2 GP rider Taylor Hammal has had surgery on the wrist he broke in July after struggling to ride again despite thinking it was healed.

He said: “Since my crash is Oss Grand Prix back in July breaking my wrist really badly it’s been a rough 4 and half months. I was told it was fine and could carry on like normal after having a cast on. Turned out 2 months later it wasn’t healed, was out of line and too short. I tried everything to get answers. I maybe didn’t get the help from people I thought would have to help with what was going wrong, seeing different hand specialist, laser surgery, hyperbaric oxygen chambers and spending a load of money to try get it back healthy again.

“I was told it would heal and just leave it. Luckily I got the number of Dr Toon Klaes from Belgium who told me straight away it’s not right and to see him for surgery. If it was not for him and Dr Schrijver i wouldn’t be able to ride again!

“They re-broke my distal radius, pulled it apart by nearly an inch into the correct position. I had a small bone graft from the top of my pelvis to fill the gap in my wrist. A plate and screws to hold it in position. The bone that was not connected in my ulnar styloid was pressing into my nerves, this was removed. The tfcc miniscus ligament was fixed using a anchor. Hopefully this is that last of it and looking to ride again in the new year at some point.”