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Wainwright joins Hooper Yamaha

The youngest ever Rob Hooper Racing Yamaha Motocross team are all set and ready to roar into the 2020 season at the Hawkstone International on Sunday as the team have added 20-year-old Howard Wainwright to the line up this week. He has already been out and on track with his new teammates Taylor Hammal and Sam Nunn.

Team Boss Rob Hooper joked about the youthful makeup of the team “I am the oldest Manager in the paddock, with the youngest team. I am older than all three of our riders put together, but it’s refreshing to work with riders with so much energy, drive and dedication and their enthusiasm is contagious.”

Hooper is gearing up for his 34th season in charge of a team and is looking forward to this one just as much as any. “I can’t wait to see the boys on the track at Hawkstone. They have all worked hard during the offseason, and their commitment to the sport is fantastic. Also, Matt from MX Zone and Mark at RSS Suspension have been superb during the winter months, and all of our riders have a set up which suits and works for them. All three of our riders have massive potential within the sport and helping the young riders progress is very rewarding, and I feel that is our strength as a team as we go much further than turning up with their bikes on race day. We have been out testing and practising with the riders throughout the winter, and I feel this gives the young riders the extra support they need to progress in their career, and it also helps to create a great team spirit.”

Wainwright joins Hammal, and Nunn in the MX2 class aboard the Yamaha YZF250 while supported rider Tony Craig will also be at Hawkstone in the MX1 category riding a YZF450.