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Wilson quits GPs

Aussie Jay Wilson has announced he’s quitting the GPs after racing six rounds for the JK Yamaha team. He started with the team in the UK Arenacross series then decided to stay in Europe to do GPs. There is no news yet of a replacement. But The team’s Ken Bengtson has bene doing well in the EMX series so could be a potential replacement.

He said: “Sometimes things don’t go exactly to plan. Unfortunately I have withdrawn from racing the MXGPs indefinitely and I will be returning home to Australia to be with my family.

“When I was offered the opportunity to race the GPs I jumped at it even though I hadn’t raced motocross in 8 months or had any pre-season training. Racing at that level is everything I have always dreamt of and spent my whole career working towards, so despite the timing not being right I was determined to make it work no matter what.

“The truth is, to race at that level everything needs to be perfect. The team you’re working with, testing, your machinery, your equipment, the circle of support you have around you, and unfortunately no matter how hard I worked, all of those things just weren’t there for me throughout the season so far and due to that I haven’t been able to reach my full potential.

“This is not a decision I have made lightly, this has taken a lot of thought and weighing up but I believe it’s better for me to be at home with my family and to work on finding something that is right than trying to force something to work that simply won’t. I’m still hungry and determined and know that with the right infrastructure I will be competitive once again.

“I’m extremely grateful for the JK Yamaha team for providing me with the opportunity to race the rounds that I have this year. I also can’t thank my mechanic Ade enough for being there during the good and the bad, you’re a lifelong friend mate. I’m looking forward to going back to the GPs in the future when the timing is right and when my family can be with me, but for now I’m excited to get home and see my girls, work on staying fit, healthy, and riding until the next chapter comes along.”



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