Ducati Scrambler has off-road Cred

Finally a Scrambler-style bike you could take off road, if you’re brave enough. You can’t have failed to notice the wider world of motorcycling has gone mad for the ‘scrambler’ look. A custom-style bike that apes back to the 1960s and early 1970s when dirt bike racers were little more than

MotoGP star Redding to race Weston

By RHL Promotions. Scott Redding will be swapping his 270BHP Ducati MotoGP bike for something with slightly less power and much knobblier tyres when he takes on the HydroGarden Weston Beach Race on Sunday 9th October. The 23-year-old British MotoGP star is no stranger to the dirt, as motocross forms part of

Ducati’s motocross bike resurfaces

It’s been around five years since road bike giants Ducati shelved its plans to build a proper 450cc motocross bikes, preferring to focus on its MotoGP bikes and road bikes. But with a booming sales of adventure bikes and its new Enduro adventure-style bike, it’s believed the Bologna-based bike builder