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2021 KTM, Husky and GasGas recalled for chain check

Most 2021 KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas motocross bikes are being recalled to have the chain inspected for a potential fault. Even though many bikes would have already had new chains anyway, as they have been on sale for many months!

The recall is for GasGas MC models, Husqvarna TC, FC and FS models and KTM SX, SX-F and SMR models.

The three manufacturers have sent out information that is very similar. The Husky statement says:

“Husqvarna Motorcycles is recalling model year 2021 TC, FC and FS models in order for authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers to check if a defective drive chain may have been installed due to deviations in manufacturing at our supplier.

“While the deviation may not be present on all motorcycles, possible premature failure of the chain can lead to possible consequential damage. The chain must therefore be replaced on all of the affected motorcycles.

“Customers who have already acquired one of the above-mentioned motorcycles are being informed by a personal letter and are asked to immediately contact an authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealer to arrange an inspection appointment.”