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Anstie talks of his Ironman crash

Max Anstie says he has escaped serious injuries after his nasty crash in the second 450 moto in the US National at Ironman.

He went down hard and it took a couple of laps before the medics could get him off the track. Initially it was suspected he mat have broken his jaw and injured his thigh.

But Anstie has gone on social media and explained he has escaped serious injury:

“This is not the way we hoped to end the day. My jaw was thought to be fractured but I just got the scan results and I’m fine. I feel like Connor McGregor gave me a left hook ,” he said. 

In the first moto, Anstie was up with the leaders but fell. Remounting mid-pack, he pulled up to eighth before his bike expired on the last lap.

The next round is scheduled for Friday at RedBud so he will will only have five days to recover and decide whether or not to race.