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Luisetti back with Kawasaki

Jean Jacques Luisetti, for many years Europe’s leading Kawasaki dealer with Floride Moto in Marseilles, is back in Green as he and his son Steven are the new owners of the Superbike shop in Toulon.

Both Jean Jacques and his son have motorcycles and racing in their blood so it’s not really a surprise to see them back in the business after a short sabbatical for Jean Jacques. “I was proud to build Floride Moto into the main Kawasaki dealer in Europe but in 2015 I sold it to have more time for the Kawasaki MX2 GP racing team, which had been created a few years earlier as CLS,” explained Jean Jacques who has always remained active in racing. “For various reasons the team had to stop its activities, but I had several new opportunities and never stopped working in the sport,” he added.

Having re-launched Supercross in the city and organising the Marseilles motorcycle show as well as being referent to the city hall concerning a new motocross track within the city limits, consultant for the X-Trial, manager last year of the BOS Kawasaki team and manager to several riders, he has continually faced new experiences and is now ready for this comeback with his son Steven who added: “When my father explained his new project to me I had no hesitation; I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to work with him on a long-term project. When he sold Floride Moto I built KTM Marseilles, which became the #1 dealership for the brand in France, and now I have sold it to devote myself to this new project.”

Rivals but friends with Kawasaki Superbike and the Michel family, which were always in competition with Floride Moto to be the #1 dealer for the brand, Jean Jacques and Steven Luisetti are the new owners of Superbike in Toulon. “When we heard the rumour that Philippe Michel wanted to retire, we talked with him and reached an agreement,” they agreed with a smile. Both Jean Jacques and Steven, respectively fifty-seven and twenty-six years old, have a host of ideas and projects. And their first action was to bring a ‘Team Green’ section into Superbike. “There was no off-road section in the shop, and everyone knows that we love motocross. So we immediately ordered eighty 2021 KX models as a first step for the motocross fans. The shop sells around three hundred new bikes every year and our goal is to reach four hundred. We are in a great area for interest in mechanical sports as we have tracks like Le Castellet, le Luc, Salernes, Adrets and Pierrefeu; of course we have it in mind to be back in the future with a motocross team but at the moment we will put all our energy into the shop.”